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[Rolex, the king of mechanical watches] Rolex, which created the Oyster case, Perpetual mechanism, and Datejust mechanism, was founded in London in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and later moved to Switzerland. We have many fans around the world due to our outstanding practicality, reliable technology, and thorough confidentiality of product information. In recent years, the company has been actively incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Parachrom hairsprings and ceramic bezels, and is a leading force in the watch industry.

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Rolex is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1905 by its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, as a trading company specializing in watches in London. One morning in 1908, he had an idea for the brand name ``Rolex,'' which later became Rolex. Later, in 1910, Rolex watches became the first wristwatch to receive an official chronometer certificate from the Swiss Chronometer Rate Certification Bureau, establishing its reliability. In the 1920s, he obtained a patent for the Oyster case, a signature Rolex design that continues to this day. In the 1930s, the company released the ``Prince'' and ``Bubble Back,'' which were popular in the antique watch market. In 1945, the ``Datejust'' mechanism was introduced at a party commemorating Rolex's 40th anniversary. It was named the "Perpetual Mechanism", an automatic winding mechanism that instantly changes the date around midnight, and is famous as the origin of modern automatic winding mechanisms. After that, Rolex's main models such as ``Explorer'', ``GMT Master'', ``Submariner'', ``Milgauss'', and ``Daytona'' were announced one after another.

  • Rolex popular models

    Rolex has produced a variety of models for over 100 years. Among these, the sports model is a model that has a design that strongly reflects a sports taste and a luxurious atmosphere that is expressed in a wide variety of ways.

    The Submariner was the world's first diving watch, introduced in 1953. Establishing the basic design as a diver's watch, it has continued to grow over the years and has grown into a model that is synonymous with diving watches. Another feature is that there is a wide variety of variations depending on the coloring of the dial, bezel, and letters on the dial. In addition, there are many Rolex models that are extremely rare compared to other sports models, so many people collect them.

    The GMT-Master, with its distinctive two-tone bezel, was introduced in 1955 and was designed to display the time in two different time zones simultaneously. The pilot's watch was originally developed as a navigation tool for pilots flying around the world, and was also adopted as the official watch of Pan American Airlines, America's most famous airline at the time. In 1982, the GMT-Master II, equipped with a new movement and improved usability, was introduced as the successor to the first model, and its robustness, functional beauty, and instantly recognizable fashionable design made it a watch that traveled the world. It fascinated people.

    Expressing the world of the sea, the Yacht-Master was inspired by the rich heritage of Rolex's special ties to the sailing world since the 1950s. Although it is less waterproof than a diver's watch, the Yacht-Master is a luxury watch that combines luxury and functionality and can be used as a marine watch for yachts, beaches, etc.

    Needless to say, Rolex's top model Daytona was designed in 1963 to meet the needs of professional car racers. A very popular model that has always been at the top of sales since it was announced. Closely linked to the world of motor racing, drivers can measure elapsed time and read their average speed with the trademark tachymeter bezel. Equipped with Caliber 4130, which was announced in 2000, it has established an overwhelming position in sports chronographs from its birth to the present. The uniqueness of the dial is also one of its features. One of the attractions is that a variety of challenging models are announced, including ores such as sodalite and meteorite, and eye-catching leopard print.

  • How to tell the difference between a genuine product and a fake First of all, there is an absolute difference between whether it was made by a first-class craftsman or a second-rate craftsman. If it is made by a top-class craftsman, it will be made with great attention to detail, not only in appearance and function, but also in terms of feel. On the other hand, fake products, so-called "copy products," are made by second-rate or lower-class craftsmen, resulting in a stale finish. Luxury watches have value precisely because they are made by top-class craftsmen. Authentic items have a delicacy and elegance that cannot be expressed through mass production, such as the smoothness of the engraving and the way the luminous paint is applied. However, this is very difficult to understand for the untrained eye and is very cleverly made.

    For this reason, Rolex has several mechanisms in place to help you distinguish between genuine and fake watches. To tell the difference, if it's a model from 2000 onwards, there's a roulette stamp on the inside side of the case and a watermark on the crown mark at 6 o'clock. This is so faint that you can't see it unless you look at it from the side with a magnifying glass. Another unique feature of this watch is that the serial number of the Rolex watch is engraved on the watermark. When making a purchase, it is important to choose a shop that you can feel safe with.


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