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[Supreme Status Harry Winston] Harry Winston was founded in 1932 in New York. After gaining a high reputation in the jewelery market, he entered the watch industry in 1989 with his aesthetics and delicate techniques for jewelery as a jeweler. The collection at this time is "HW Premiere". A collection developed for women that continues to this day, the iconic case is inspired by the front view of the Harry Winston main store. After that, "Emerald" using the emerald cut form loved by the founder Harry Winston, "Project Z" using the special alloy Zarium of the original material, new style tourbillon "Istoire de Tourbillon" We have developed a variety of original lineups one after another. The beauty of the numerous collections, which can be said to be works of art that go beyond mere watches, is a unique work that can only be created by Harry Winston, a well-established jeweler, with a sense of beauty in every detail.

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  • Characteristics of Harry Winston

    Harry Winston, known as the "King of Diamonds". The highest quality jewelry and unique works have provided aspiration and magic to women throughout the world, no matter the era.
    ``It's important to treat each diamond as if you were an individual.'' Founder Harry Winston values the attitude of facing each diamond one by one, and trains himself to bring out its charm to the fullest. I never neglected to do so. This tradition continues to this day, making its name known throughout the world as one of the top five jewelers in the world. In recent years, the company has entered the watch industry in earnest, producing innovative and unique timepieces that set it apart from long-established watch maisons.Their technology and ability to fuse tradition and innovation are overwhelming.

  • Harry Winston's popular models

    Harry Winston's high level of technological prowess for complicated mechanisms is comparable to that of other long-established brands, and its artistically designed watches that incorporate jeweller's decorative techniques have captured the hearts of both jewelry and watch enthusiasts. grab it and don't let go. The ``Ocean'' collection features two iconic retrograde displays, and models with glittering jeweler-like diamonds are popular. Inspired by the New York skyline, the Avenue collection is elegantly designed and exudes sophistication as the face of Harry Winston.

1896 Harry Winston is born in New York.
1909 Moved to the West Coast to open a jewelry store in Los Angeles.
1920 At the age of 24, he established a jewelry store called Premier Diamond Co.
1926 Acquired the most important estate jewelry collection of the 20th century.
1935 Acquired the 726-carat rough diamond "Yonker" that attracted worldwide attention.
1940 The "Winston Cluster", a symbol of Harry Winston, is born.
1943 Obtained the emerald "Stortus Berry Emerald", one of the most important jewels in her career.
1947 The name of the "King of Diamonds", which is still talked about today, became established.
1949 An exhibition called ``Court of Jewels'' was held. Along with the opportunity to learn about precious gemstones, we also do charity work.
1950 Introducing sunflowers inspired by sunflowers, which are considered to be beautiful even in nature.
1953 Harry Winston's name appears in the movie ``Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,'' starring the historic actress Marilyn Monroe, and it becomes a hot topic of discussion.
1955 From around this time, the company began expanding overseas. It started in Geneva, Switzerland and opened in Paris in 1957.
1958 Donated the "Hope Diamond", also known as a cursed jewel, to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Becomes a national treasure trove.
1960 Moved to 718 Fifth Avenue, which is also the current Harry Winston main store.
1978 Harry Winston dies. He was 82 years old.
1988 First landing in Japan, Ginza store opened.
1989 Announces entry into the watch industry. Announced "HW Premiere" and "Signature".
1998 "HW Ocean" announced.
1999 The person who won the Academy Award for Best Actress at the time wore a Harry Winston necklace at the award ceremony. Our image as a “jeweler to the stars” has become established.
2001 In collaboration with independent watchmakers, we have begun developing the innovative ``Opus Series'' of watches.
2007 Established our own watch workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, the center of watch manufacturing.
2009 The first model of "Histoire de Tourbillon" is now available.
2013 Harry Winston falls under the umbrella of the huge company "Swatch Group".


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