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[Cartier, a brand used by royal families around the world] Founded in France in 1847. In 1904, when King Edward VII called him the "King of Jewelers," Santos made the Santos watch for the aviator Santos Dumont, and became a full-fledged watch brand. In 1906, the barrel-shaped “Tonneau” watch, in 1912, the “Tortoise” watch, which means tortoise, and in 1919, the “Tank” watch with the shape of a tank as a motif. and produced. Cartier Cartier

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  • Cartier characteristics

    Cartier, which is famous as a French luxury jewelry brand, is a long-established jeweler and prestigious brand that was called "the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers" by King Edward VII of England. Cartier is currently counted as one of the world's top five jewelers, along with Tiffany, Harry Winston, Bvlgari, and Van Cleef & Arpels, and although it has a strong image of jewelry, it is also a top-notch watch brand.
    Although there are various theories, Cartier's Santos is said to be the world's first wristwatch. Cartier is a top-notch watch brand that has produced many masterpieces such as the masterpieces ``Santos'' and ``Pasha'' and the legendary collection ``Tank.''
    Cartier continues to be loved by many people throughout the ages because of its universally beautiful design and beauty of practicality and functionality.
    A fan of tanks, one of Cartier's signature collections, is called a tankist, and they are loved and enthusiastically supported by a variety of people, including queens, presidential couples, athletes, artists, fashion designers, and Hollywood stars. I am.
    As mentioned above, Cartier is a prestigious global jewelry brand that continues to be supported and loved by many people. In addition to jewelry, they have also created many collections of watches, which are highly acclaimed.

  • Cartier's popular models

    The ``Tank'' from Cartier's legendary collection is one of its most popular models. As the name suggests, the tank is designed with a tank motif, and features a square shape that resembles the ruts of a tank. The first tank was created in 1917, the year World War I ended. At that time, tanks were used as a symbol of peace because they were used for the first time in World War I and helped bring the war to an early end. When the tank went on sale two years later in 1919, it quickly became popular due to its solid feel and beauty. Even after more than 100 years, it is still a long-selling model that is overwhelmingly popular among tankists who love tanks.

    ``Santos'' is a very popular model with a long history and is said to be the world's first wristwatch. The Santos was designed by Louis Cartier, the third generation of Cartier, for the flying adventurer Alberto Santos-Dumont, who consulted with him about the difficulty of checking the time on a pocket watch while piloting an airplane. It was designed by receiving. Alberto Santos Dumont was a fashion leader in Paris at the time, so in order to satisfy him, Louis Cartier designed a functional, beautiful and elegant wristwatch and gave it to him. The Santos watch boasted a high level of perfection from the beginning, and continues to evolve while inheriting its traditional design as a masterpiece.

    ``Ballon Bleu'', which was added to the collection in 2007, means ``blue balloon'' in French. As the name suggests, this watch features a rounded case design that is inspired by the balloon motif. In Europe, balloons are said to be ``things that fly to carry hopes and dreams,'' and blue is said to be ``the color that brings happiness,'' so this model is sure to bring good luck. Cartier's Tank and Santos have a strong impression of rectangular and linear beauty, but this Ballon Bleu has a mellow curved surface from the case to the crown to the windshield, giving it an attractive beauty. It's a collection.



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