Richard Mille(RICHARD MILLE) Watch

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It is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded by Frenchman Richard Mille in 2001. Introducing cutting-edge materials and technologies used in F1 and the aerospace industry, such as Graph TPT, it has created a sensation in the world as a lightweight, sporty and sturdy mechanical wristwatch. Richard Mille, who created the concept of all watches, eliminates compromise and sham, and breathes "ultimate", "ahead" and "high tech" into the watch, appealing to its sensibility. Spread quickly among top players and celebrities. It is a brand that has climbed to the highest peak of luxury watches in just over 10 years since its establishment, using a large number of special parts and having the functionality to withstand severe impacts while being an ultra-complex precision machine. Richard Mille Richard MilleRichard Mille Richard Mille

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    • Features of RICHARD MILLE

      When talking about luxury watches, many people may first think of Vacheron Constantin, which has a long history and tradition, and Patek Philippe, one of the world's three major luxury watches. Richard Mille is a brand that is classified as a young manufacturer in the watch industry, having been founded for just over 20 years, but why is it so popular as a luxury watch?
      First, Richard Mille's target audience is the ultra-wealthy. For this ultra-wealthy group, which accounts for only 0.9% of the world's population, we are releasing expensive, high-performance models that combine technological capabilities that other companies have not achieved, such as watches with lightweight and practical complications. . Richard Mille's friends and partners include action actor Jackie Chan, F1 racer Felipe Massa, and singer Pharrell Williams.
      In addition, because we use cutting-edge materials and manufacture with the ultimate technology, the number of pieces produced will inevitably be small. As a result, production is limited and the market value is increasing.

    • RICHARD MILLE's popular models

      The RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL, manufactured as the fifth model in partnership with world-famous tennis player Rafael Nadal, is shock resistant and protects the extremely thin tourbillon movement from 10,000G impacts. This is a highly rigid model inspired by the chassis of a racing car.
      Released in a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide, this sports watch continues to move with precision on Nadal's wrist even during the intense impact of his matches, overturning the stereotype of the fragility of mechanical watches.



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