Snowy(YUKIZAKI) Nomble New jewelry

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Messages that can be put into numbers and initials - NOMBRE - Why not always wear your special numbers or initials, such as your own or a loved one's birthday, or the initials of your family or lover? There is a wide variety of sizes, materials, and combinations of parts. Your very own Noble.

"NOMBRE" is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Available in 3 colors: YG/WG/PG, and made from genuine K18 material. You can enjoy changing the size and color depending on your mood and fashion that day. ``NOMBRE PREMIUM'' and ``NOMBRE RING'' are popular among men because their heavy feel emphasizes masculinity. “NOMBRE” and “ALPHA” are available in 3 sizes: L/M/S and can be used by both men and women. The delicate "PUTIT" series is an elegant and cute piece of authentic jewelry that is perfect as a gift.

Delivery to some areas may be delayed due to typhoons.Please understand beforehand.


2011 Yukizaki's original jewelry "NOMBRE" and "ALPHA" series are born.
2018 An initial "S" pendant will be provided to the winner of the Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award.
2018 Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. visited the Ginza store and purchased items such as Noble Alpha.
2019 It became a hot topic when it was worn by musicians and models on the Girls Awards runway.
2019 Korean idol Lee Hong Ki has been appointed as the new brand ambassador. It attracts attention not only from Japan but also from overseas.
2022 It has become popular as Yukizaki's representative jewelry, and is loved by many celebrities in their private lives.


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