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[Patek Philippe, the world's premier watch maker] Founded in 1839 by two Poles Antoni Patek and Francischek Chapek. Patek Philippe, which is based on the concept of "from parent to child," promotes "permanent repair." Patek Philippe is said to be one of the leading manufacturers of luxury watches in the world.

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  • Characteristics of Patek Philippe

    Since its founding, Patek Philippe has continued to maintain its position in producing watches of the highest standard, with a commitment to complete in-house manufacturing. It continues to be loved by many people throughout the ages. One of the watches that has many fans even among famous stars. It is popular with both men and women, from Hollywood actors to famous executives.

    Along with Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet, it is a long-established brand that has been around for about 180 years and is one of the three major watch brands in the world, and has created many masterpieces over its history. We have over 200 models, including the simple yet luxurious Calatrava and the Nautilus, a sports watch modeled after the submarine Nautilus.

    Our high technology, which has acquired many patents, is unrivaled by other brands. Among them, Patek Philippe's unique patented "Annual Calendar", which was announced in 1996, is one of the complicated mechanisms that allows the month, date, and day of the week to be displayed by adjusting it only once a year at the end of February. is. Development of this mechanism began at the passionate request of Philip Stern, the company's president at the time and current honorary chairman, and it took four years to put it into practical use.

  • Patek Philippe's popular models

    The classic model, the Nautilus, is the most popular and its market price is soaring. Although it is a sports watch, it is less than 1 centimeter thin and has a standard water resistance of 12 ATM, ensuring both thinness and waterproofness. The Nautilus's symbolic "ears" are used not only as a unique design, but also to achieve a highly waterproof structure.

    While the Nautilus is classified as a luxury among Patek Philippe's sports watches, the Aquanaut has a more casual image. Many fans enjoy a different atmosphere than a stainless steel bracelet by combining it with a ``tropical band'' made of high-tech composite material that is highly waterproof, UV resistant, and traction resistant.

    Equipped with three complications: a split-seconds chronograph, a perpetual calendar, and a moon phase, the Grande Complication is a piece of work packed with the most advanced technology in history that could only be achieved by Patek Philippe. . Introduced in 1989, the Caliber 89 remains one of the most complex wristwatches.



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