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[Ceramic boom instigator Chanel] The founder of the brand is Gabrielle Chanel. aka Coco Chanel. Taking over the mark, genius designer Karl Lagerfeld created a full-scale watch "Première". After that, the watch industry was shaken by announcing the "J12", which used high-tech ceramic, which was unexpected as a material for luxury watches. The timeless elegance built by the founder continues to fascinate people. CHANEL

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  • Chanel's popular models

    "Première", which was the first Chanel watch to be released, means "first" or "first" in French.
    As its name suggests, it was the first model released as a Chanel wristwatch, and it is still a model that represents the brand and is still very popular more than 30 years after its release in 1987.
    The symbol of Premiere is the octagonal watch case that has been inherited since its inception, and it is said that this was created with the Place Vendôme in Paris as its motif. The bottle stopper for Chanel N°5 perfume has the same shape, and the case shape is instantly recognizable as a Chanel icon.
    The bracelet also featured a design that woven metal and leather, which was rare at the time, and by creating a jewelry-like bracelet, it went beyond being a wristwatch and served an excellent role as a fashion item. The Premiere is an iconic Chenel watch that remains a classic even after 30 years.

    When talking about Chanel's representative watches, we must not forget the J12, which was released in 2000.
    The J12 was Chanel's first sports watch inspired by marine sports, and at the time it was announced as a watch made from innovative ceramic, which quickly became a hot topic. The ceramic watches that Chanel started selling became a trend in the wristwatch world, and became so popular that other companies started selling them as well.
    The innovative J12 wristwatch, which used black ceramic for both the case and bracelet, was both functional and sophisticated, and it shocked not only the watch world but also the fashion world.
    The development concept for the J12 was to create an "immortal wristwatch that transcends time," and its design continues to be popular today with a style that pursues functional beauty that reflects Chanel's philosophy of "shaving off unnecessary things." It has become a beloved model.



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