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[Instrument for professionals Breitling] Founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. The world's first chronograph watch was born in 1915 by his son, Gaston Breitling, with the major goal of incorporating the chronograph mechanism, which was only available in pocket watches at the time, into the wristwatch. Chronomat was announced in 1942, and Navitimer was announced in 1952, and it became recognized as a synonymous brand of pilot's watch. In recent years, all models have acquired chronometer certification. Breitling BREITLING

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1884 Founder Leon Breitling opens a watch workshop.
1892 Moved to Rue Montbrillant in La Chaux-de-Fonds and renamed Léon G Breitling.
1915 Manufactures wristwatches equipped with Lemania pocket watch chronograph movements. The world's first chronograph wristwatch with push buttons.
1942 Released the Chronomat, a chronograph equipped with a rotating slide rule for arithmetic operations in logarithmic notation.
1952 Released the Navitimer, a chronograph equipped with a rotary slide rule for aviation navigation.
1962 The Cosmonaut went into space as the personal property of Scott Carpenter, a crew member of Aurora 7, during Project Mercury's mission MA7.
1969 Heuer-Leonidas (now TAG Heuer), Hamilton Buren (now Hamilton), and Dubois-Depraz jointly develop the automatic chronograph caliber ``Caliber 11'' for wristwatches.
1983 Register the trademark as Breitling.
1984 Chronomat released at the request of the Italian Air Force.
1993 Changed the name of Montres Sicura SA to Breitling AG.
1997 KELEK, a manufacturer of complex movements such as chronographs, became a subsidiary.
1996 Introducing the Montbrillant, which follows the design of the first generation Chronomat.
1999 Declare the movement to be 100% chronometer.
the year of 2000 KELEK's company name changed to BREITLING CHRONOMETRIE SA.
2003 Signed partnership agreement for Bentley's return to Le Mans. Breitling for Bentley series announced. An analog clock designed by Breitling will be installed in the interior of the Continental series.
2009 Breitling's first completely in-house developed and manufactured movement "Caliber 01" is announced. It will be installed in the redesigned Chronomat.



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