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[Tradition and innovation coexist Hublot] Founded in 1980, Hublot made a big impact on the Swiss watch industry by realizing the combination of gold and rubber, which had been taboo until then. In 2005, with the theme of "fusion", the "Big Bang" series made by combining different materials became a big hit all over the world. hublot
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[Tradition and innovation coexist Hublot] Founded in 1980, Hublot made a big impact on the Swiss watch industry by realizing the combination of gold and rubber, which had been taboo until then. In 2005, with the theme of "fusion", the "Big Bang" series made by combining different materials became a big hit all over the world. hublot


About Hublot
  • Features of Hublot

    It is a relatively young brand in the Swiss watch industry, founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco of the founding family of the Italian watch and jewelry group "Binda". The “Classic”, which was first announced at Baselworld, is a collection that can be said to be the origin of Hublot, and it was a unique quartz watch that combined a gold case with a rubber strap. As a result, the Swiss conservative watch industry initially criticized it, but the European fashion industry appreciated the collection, which combines traditional Swiss watch technology and innovative Italian design. became famous all over the world.
    In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver, known as a master of the watch industry, was appointed as CEO, and "BIG BANG" was born under the brand concept of Art of Fusion (fusion of different materials and ideas). The bezel is made of ceramic, while the lugs and case sides are made of steel.

  • popular hublot models

    Speaking of Hublot, it attracts not only watch lovers but also a wide range of fans as it is said to be "Big Bang". You can tell at a glance that it is a Hublot watch with its traditional Hublot features such as screwed bezels and protrusions on both sides, and its large size with a strong presence. Popular among young people, it won the Best Design of the Year at the Geneva Watch Grand Prix that year.
    Because many celebrities use it regularly, it is often referred to as a "successful watch", and later versions of "King Power" and "Aeroban" also gained popularity and established itself as a luxury watch brand. made it firm.

HISTORY Hublot Chronology
1979 Founded in Nyon, Switzerland.
1980 We announce "classic", but rubber belt receives bashing from Swiss clock industry.
2004 Jean-Claude Biver, who helped rebuild Blancpain, is appointed CEO.
Year 2005 Based on the concept of "fusion", the "Big Bang" series was developed and adopted a mechanical watch for the first time.
2006 Released "Big Bang All Black".
2007 "One Million Dollar Big Bang" wins the jewelry watch category at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.
2008 Joined the LVMH Group, which includes TAG Heuer and Chaumet.
Appointed as the official timekeeper of Manchester United and announced a collaboration model.
2010 Developed in-house movement, Unico.
2011 Announced collaboration model with Ferrari.
Hublot Boutique Ginza, the first directly managed boutique in Japan, opens.
2014 As a brand ambassador, Brazilian former soccer player Pele is hired.
Served as the official timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup.
2015 Big Bang Broidary wins Best Ladies Watch at Geneva Watch Grand Prix.
2018 Launch of the Unico 2, a movement designed for smaller models.
Released the Big Bang Unico Golf.
2019 To commemorate Ferrari's 90th anniversary, a special watch will be released for a limited time.
2020 Announced the smart watch "Big Bang e".


Unico, Hublot's in-house chronograph movement, which means "unique" in Spanish. Hublot's commitment to development over four years is concentrated. It is an integrated flyback chronograph with a column wheel mechanism, bi-directional automatic winding for a power reserve of 70 hours and smoother button actuation than ever before. Starting with "King Power Unico", "Big Bang Unico" appeared in 2013, and there are various lineups such as Black Magic, which is all black, and King Gold Ceramic, which makes use of special materials.

magic gold

Rolex's Everose Gold and Omega's Sedna Gold made it possible to prevent fading by mixing platinum and palladium, but Omega's Magic Gold is ceramic and adds a small amount of aluminum to give it an unparalleled finish. Achieves high-grade hardness. Magic Gold has a Vickers hardness of 1000 Vickers, while normal 18K gold has a Vickers hardness of about 400. By processing a special boron carbide ceramic, which is also used in the aerospace industry, we have created a unique and scratch-resistant Hublot 18K gold.


Hublot Trivia
In-house developed movement Hublot started developing and manufacturing movements in-house in 2010. Until then, the standard "ETA movement" was used in Swiss watches. It took four years from conception to completion to create the first in-house movement, the Unico. Consisting of 330 individual parts, the Unico is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen through a combination of cutting-edge high-tech technology, boasting a power reserve of up to 72 hours and a vibration frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It has specs that don't exist.
Collaboration with celebrities In particular, he has a deep connection with the sports industry, and is also the official timekeeper of F1 and the FIFA World Cup. We have released collaboration models with many athletes, such as the "Big Bang Unico Usain Bolt" inspired by Usain Bolt and the "Big Bang Maradona" series of soccer legend Diego Maradona. In addition to sports, the limited model with artist Takashi Murakami and designer Yohji Yamamoto was announced and became a hot topic.
Development of various cases As a manufacturer brand, we are focusing not only on movement development, but also on case material development. In the same year that Unico was announced, 18K King Gold, which is redder than conventional 18K and a special blend of platinum, was announced, and 18K Magic Gold, which is harder and more scratch-resistant, was announced the following year. In 2016, we developed colored sapphire from sapphire crystal material with extreme transparency, and in 2018, we succeeded in developing a high-tech ceramic based on zirconium that can be scratched only by diamonds.
marketing genius After becoming CEO in 2004, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver increased sales tenfold in four years. In the 1980s, it acquired Blancpain, which was in a predicament due to the quartz shock, and dared to revive it by bringing the artistry of mechanical watches to the fore. After that, he was in charge of Omega at the Swatch Group, and promoted it to a popular brand through an ambassador strategy that appointed F1 champion Michael Schumacher and supermodel Cindy Crawford. From the large company Omega to Hublot, which was a small and medium-sized manufacturer at the time, he created a new style in the watch world with revolutionary ideas such as the Big Bang and All Black.

TOPIC Hublot topicality

Has Hublot's popularity subsided?

Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, a member of the founding family of the Italian watch and jewelry group "Binda", Hublot is very popular with numerous hit models such as "Big Bang", "King Power", "Aeroban", and "Classic Fusion". Brand.
In addition, since it is worn by professional athletes and many celebrities, it has a strong impression of a "successful watch", and since the release of the Big Bang, it has attracted explosive attention and has become as popular as Rolex and Omega. rice field.
Although it is such Hublot, there is an opinion that the popularity has fallen recently due to the calmness of the big hot boom led by Panerai. In fact, except for some models, the price of Hublot is declining, but what about it?

In conclusion, it can be said that "the explosive popularity has calmed down compared to the temporary period, but there is continuous popularity and asset value" .

The reasons for this are 1) Watches that use innovative designs and materials that cannot be found anywhere else 2) Prices tend to be high in the second-hand market where popularity is reflected in prices 3) High prices cultivated under the LVMH (Louis Vuitton) group Marketing power and outstanding status/rarity

These are the points mentioned above.
It can be said that Hublot is still proud of its continuous popularity.
Among them, the classics of Big Bang and Classic Fusion continue to be popular and have a high resale value, so why not take this opportunity to consider them?

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Contributor 50 generations/male  Post date and time 2023/08/31

Hublot is the best
When I was looking for a gift for my wife, I found a product that looked exactly like the image I had in mind, so I purchased it immediately. My wife is very happy and Hublot is the best.

Contributor 40th generation/male  Post date and time 2023/01/03

I wanted to buy my long-awaited Hublot at the end of the year, so I browsed Yukizaki's website and found the item I wanted. Since it was the end of the year, I wanted to wear it to a year-end party, etc., so I thought it would be nice if it arrived quickly. The customer service was excellent and I am very satisfied with my purchase at this store.
When I actually put on the watch, I was overwhelmed by the high-class feeling. Someday I would like to visit the store and see various watches. I'm really thankful to you.

Contributor 50 generations/male  Post date and time 2022/11/30

It was a wonderful response.
When I purchased the product, I was impressed by the inspection response and the sincere response. He also told me about the slight scratches on the watch, and I was satisfied with the purchase. In addition, we want to use.

Contributor 50 generations/Woman  Post date and time 2021/04/23

Hublot Big Bang Monochrome Steel Diamond
I bought a Hublot Big Bang Monochrome Steel Diamond.
Although it is second hand, it is as good as new and I am very satisfied with it in a very clean condition.
The telephone response was also pleasant and I was relieved.
The packaging when it was sent was also polite.



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