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Description of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520

Speaking of Daytona, many people imagine this face.
Despite following the design of the previous model, Ref.16520, the successor model, Ref.116520, has undergone changes to the details, such as a change in the layout of the in-dial and an increase in the size of the index, due to changes in the mounted movement. It has been.
The movement is equipped with the "Cal.4130" chronograph movement, which was completely manufactured in-house and appeared in 2000. The winding efficiency has been dramatically improved from the previous movement "Cal.4030", and the power reserve boasts 72 hours. In 2007, blue parachrome with excellent magnetic and impact resistance was used for the balance spring. It is also resistant to temperature changes, making it a higher specification machine.
The current "Ref. 116500LN" uses a black Cerachrome bezel, while the "Ref. 116520" uses a stainless steel bezel. After all, because of the same material as the case, a sense of unity flowing from the clasp to the bracelet and the bezel to the dial is one of the attractive points of this model.
There are differences between the indial and the engraved image at 12 o'clock, but the sportier image and the sense of balance of a calm adult watch still confirm the popularity of Daytona.



  • Case size

    Diameter 40mm

  • Case material

    Stainless steel

  • bracelet

    Oyster Bracelet

  • dial



  • Drive system

    Automatic winding

  • Movement


  • Power reserve

    Approximately 70 hours


  • 防水


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  • Domestic price


  • Release Date

    2000-2016 discontinued models

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