Rolex(ROLEX) Cellini Watch

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The Cellini is the only Rolex model without an Oyster case. Along with that, in terms of design, it has features that are significantly different from other models. The new model features a three-dimensional dial with guilloché processing, smartly arranged indexes, a distinctive double bezel that combines dome and fluted shapes, and a flared crown, all of which are very sophisticated down to the smallest detail. The design is condensed and gives a classical and elegant impression. In addition, the enhancement of series development is also one of the attractions. The Cellini Date with a date display, the Cellini Dual Time, which expresses the day and night of the second time zone with the sun and moon, and the Cellini Moon Phase, which has a moon phase function, are attractive models that give a glimpse of a new aspect of Rolex. Rolex Cellini

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