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ABOUT Cartier
[Cartier, a brand used by royal families around the world] Founded in France in 1847. In 1904, when King Edward VII called him the "King of Jewelers," Santos made the Santos watch for the aviator Santos Dumont, and became a full-fledged watch brand. In 1906, the barrel-shaped “Tonneau” watch, in 1912, the “Tortoise” watch, which means tortoise, and in 1919, the “Tank” watch with the shape of a tank as a motif. and produced. Cartier Cartier
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    ABOUT Cartier
    [Cartier, a brand used by royal families around the world] Founded in France in 1847. In 1904, when King Edward VII called him the "King of Jewelers," Santos made the Santos watch for the aviator Santos Dumont, and became a full-fledged watch brand. In 1906, the barrel-shaped “Tonneau” watch, in 1912, the “Tortoise” watch, which means tortoise, and in 1919, the “Tank” watch with the shape of a tank as a motif. and produced. Cartier Cartier
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    About ABOUT Cartier
    • Cartier features

      Cartier, a well-known French luxury jewelery brand, is a well-established jeweler and prestigious brand that was described by King Edward VII of England as "the jeweler of the king, the king of jewelers". Currently, it is counted as one of the world's five largest jewelers along with Tiffany, Harry Winston, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. Cartier has a strong image of jewelry, but it is also a leading watch brand.
      There are various theories, but Cartier's "Santos" is said to be the first wristwatch made in the world. With many masterpieces such as the masterpieces "Santos" and "Pasha", and the legendary collection "Tank", Cartier is also a top-notch watch brand that brings excellent watches to the world.
      Cartier has been loved by many people over time because of its universally beautiful design and the beauty of practicality and functionality.
      Tankists are enthusiasts who love Cartier's collection, Tankist, and are loved and enthusiastically supported by various people such as the Queen, the President and his wife, athletes and artists, fashion designers, and Hollywood stars. I am.
      As mentioned above, Cartier is a world-famous jewelry brand and continues to be supported and loved by many people. In addition to jewelry, watches have also produced many collections, which are highly regarded.

    • Cartier's popular model

      Cartier's representative and legendary collection "Tank" is one of the most popular models. As the name suggests, the tank is designed with a tank motif, and features a square-shaped form that resembles the rut of a tank. The first tank was born in 1917, the year the World War I ended. At that time, tanks were a symbol of peace because they were first put into service in World War I and led to an early end to the war. Two years later, when the tank went on sale in 1919, it quickly became popular due to its profound feeling and its beauty. Even now, more than 100 years later, it is a long-selling model that is overwhelmingly popular, especially for tankists who love tanks.

      "Santos" is a popular model with a long history, which is said to be the world's first wristwatch. Santos was designed by Cartier's third generation, Louis Cartier, for flight adventurer Alberto Santos Dumont, and he consulted that it was difficult to check the time with a pocket watch while flying a plane. Designed by receiving. Alberto Santos Dumont was also a fashion leader in Paris at the time, so in order to make him a satisfying watch, Louis Cartier designed a functional, beautiful and elegant watch and gave it to him. The Santos watch, which boasted a high degree of perfection from the beginning, has evolved while inheriting its traditional design as a masterpiece.

      "Baron Blue", which was added to the collection in 2007, means "blue balloon" in French. As the name suggests, this watch features a rounded case design designed with the motif of balloons in mind. In Europe, balloons are said to be "flying with dreams and hopes", and blue is said to be "a color that brings happiness", and it is a model that seems to attract good luck. The tank and Santos are square in Cartier and have a strong impression of straight line beauty, but this Baron Blue is attractive because the case, crown and windshield are all composed of mellow curved surfaces. It is a collection.

    HISTORY Cartier chronology
    1847 "Louis-Francois Cartier" is located at 29 Montorgueil Street in Paris, inheriting the atelier of the master "Adolf Picard" and established by Maison Cartier.
    1898 "Louis Cartier", the grandson of the founder, joins the management.
    1904 Cartier is the first official purveyor to the royal family by "Edward VII". After that, it was certified as a purveyor to the royal family in Spain, Thailand, Russia, etc.
    1911 The first Santos equipped with a "deprowired buckle" is born.
    1917 The tank watch is born.
    1925 Cartier exhibited at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts and Industrial Arts (commonly known as the Art Deco Exhibition) held in Paris. The style of Art Deco, which was at its peak at the time, was named after this event.
    1973 "Must de Cartier" is born.
    1978 The birth of the first "Santos de Cartier" watch, which combines gold and steel with a bracelet.
    1983 The "Cartier Collection" was created to record the development of the iconic Cartier style. Its activities and creativity have been recognized in the cultural and artistic world, and its collections are regularly exhibited at leading cultural institutions as large-scale exhibitions.
    1985 Pasha de Cartier is born.
    1989 Held the first large retrospective exhibition "L'Art de Cartier" to introduce the collection of "Cartier Collection" at the Petit Palais Museum in Paris.
    1997 As part of the Maison's 150th anniversary, Cartier's large retrospective exhibition was held at the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
    2001 Established Cartier Manufacture and made it a manufacturing base.
    2003 Adopted Kimberley Process, which aims to eradicate diamond trading originating in conflict areas.
    Year 2005 Participated in the founding of the "Responsible Jewelery Council".
    2007 Baron Blue, which means "blue balloon", is now available.
    2010 The Caliber de Cartier with its own movement is born.
    year 2012 The Cartier Charitable Foundation was founded and later renamed Cartier Philanthropy.
    2015 Founded Maison De Metierdal in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
    TRIVIA Cartier bean knowledge
    King's jeweler, jeweler's king The workshop prospered brilliantly with the love of aristocrats and royalty. Edward VII praised him as "Jeweller of kings, king of jewelers" because of his prosperity at the time. The international Cartier has fascinated the world and made a solid fame immovable.
    New trend "Art Deco" "Art Nouveau style" that was popular in the early 1900s. The tank, announced in 1914, was modern, unlike the previous Art Nouveau. Eventually it changed to Art Nouveau and became a trend, and Louis Cartier became a pioneer of Art Deco.
    World's first men's watch 1904 Cartier prototyped at the request of Brazilian aviator "Alberto Santos-Dumont". The request is that the time can be easily known even during flight when pocket watches are the mainstream. Cartier responded to that request with "Santos".
    Pantail Panther (leopard) is an animal that symbolizes Cartier. The motif is a dignified and inaccessible pantail, which expresses the strength and individuality of the wearer. Since its introduction in 1914, pantail motifs have been used in various jewelery to this day.

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    I am satisfied.
    Confirmation email after ordering, product movement status until shipping, shipping contact, arrival as planned, I was relieved.
    It was well packed and the product was in perfect condition.

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    Purchasing on a mail-order site
    The speed of response to inquiries and the speed of correspondence from purchase to shipping are wonderful. However, there was a mistake that the name was not written on the shipping invoice, so please check it.

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    Regarding delivery
    I live in an area with heavy snowfall, and they kindly informed me of the possibility of a delay due to the snow.
    After the purchase, I was able to make a comfortable transaction with your consideration.

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    cartier watch
    I'm glad it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.
    However, I was a little disappointed that there was no instruction manual and Cartier case.



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