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FAQ of Rolex (used)

  • What are the popular second-hand Rolex models?

  • Rolex warranty and repair?

    Yukizaki offers a one-year warranty for second-hand items. If it is a natural failure that occurs within the scope of normal use, we will repair it free of charge at our workshop. We also offer repairs and overhauls after the warranty has expired, as well as repairs for Rolexes purchased from other companies, so please feel free to contact us.

About ABOUT Rolex
  • Rolex features

    Rolex is famous as a brand with high precision, but it is not only high precision, but also has sent out many inventions to the world. Some have been passed down through a long history, while others have been adopted at a relatively new stage.

    We manufacture all parts in-house and have made various inventions to date, contributing to the development of wristwatch technology. The crown mark on the ROLEX brand name and logo is a symbol of Rolex. Simple and easy-to-understand brand names are easy for anyone to pronounce in any language. Many people who are not familiar with luxury watches know only Rolex. Not all models use the same logo, but the design is subtly changed to suit the times and new models, and it is adopted by changing its shape while growing. It is said that limited models have a large premium price compared to other models because the logo differs depending on the model.

    The three major inventions of Rolex, "Oyster Case," "Perpetual," and "Datejust," are indispensable. Among them, the Oyster case is a functional waterproof case that ensures high airtightness and is characterized by its functional beauty. It continued to move perfectly in the cold water for more than 10 hours under the challenger who challenged the challenge of crossing the strait in 1927. At that time, Rolex was the only watch that could produce a wristwatch with such water resistance. It is only a few decades before other manufacturers announce the same waterproof function.

  • Rolex popular model

    Rolex has produced various models over 100 years. Among them, the sports model is a model that realizes a design that strongly reflects the sports taste and a luxurious atmosphere with a wide variety of expressions.

    The Submariner is the world's first diver's watch born in 1953. Established the basic design as a diver's watch, and over the years, it has grown into a model that is synonymous with diver's watches. It is also characterized by a wide variety of variations due to the dial bezel and the coloring of the written characters on the dial. In addition, there are many Rolex models that are extremely rare compared to other sports models, so many people are collecting them.

    Featuring a two-tone bezel, the GMT-Master was introduced in 1955 and was designed to display the time in two different time zones at the same time. Initially developed as a navigation for pilots flying around the world, it was also adopted as the official watch of the most famous American airline "Pan Am Airlines" at the time. In 1982, the GMT Master II, which was equipped with a new movement and improved usability, appeared as the successor to the first model, and its robustness, functional beauty, and fashionable design at a glance traveled many worlds. Fascinated people.

    The Yacht Master, who represents the world of the sea, was inspired by the wealth of wealth of Rolex's special bond with the sailing world since the 1950s. Although it is less waterproof than divers' watches, the Yacht Master, which combines luxury and functional beauty, is a luxury watch that can be used as a marine watch for yachts and beaches.

    Needless to say, Rolex's top model Daytona 1963 The Cosmograph Daytona was designed to meet the needs of professional car racers. A very popular model that has always been in the top sales since it was announced. Closely related to the world of motor racing, drivers can time the elapsed time and read the average speed with the trademark tachymeter bezel. Equipped with the caliber 4130 announced in 2000, it has established an overwhelming position in the sports chronograph from its birth to the present. One of the features is the uniqueness of the dial. One of the attractions is the announcement of challenging and diverse models such as ores such as sodalite and meteolite and eye-catching leopard prints.

  • How to distinguish between genuine and fake First of all, there is an absolute difference, "whether it was made by a first-class craftsman or a second-class or less craftsman." If it is made by a first-class craftsman, it is made with attention to detail such as texture as well as appearance and function. On the contrary, fake products, so-called "counterfeit products", are made by craftsmen of the second class or less, so they have a stale finish. Luxury watches are valuable because they are made by top craftsmen. The real thing has delicacy and products that cannot be expressed in mass production, such as the smoothness of the engraving and how to apply the luminous paint. However, it is very cleverly crafted, very confusing to the untrained eye and difficult to distinguish.

    For that reason, Rolex has multiple gimmicks to distinguish between genuine and fake. As a way of distinguishing, if it is a model after 2000, there is a watermark on the roulette stamp on the inner side of the case and the crown mark on the 6 o'clock part. This is so faint that you can't tell unless you look at it from the side with a loupe. Another genuine feature is that the Rolex watch serial number is engraved on the watermark. It is important to choose a shop that you can rest assured when making a purchase.





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