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12 Tough Luxury Watches to Wear Outdoors!

Watches suitable for outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular. We present models with excellent functionality and design! We have selected a watch that is just for you, to help you make more memorable outdoor experiences. Please take a look.

LEISURE WATCHESMarine sports, diving, camping, mountain climbing

Marine sports and diving

Camping and Mountaineering

Recommended watches for marine sports and diving

Q. How do you choose a watch for outdoor activities at the beach?
A. Check the waterproof performance carefully!
For marine sports such as surfing, you need a water resistance of 200m, and for diving, you need a water resistance of 300m. Furthermore, if you choose a watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous paint indexes, and magnetic properties, you can enjoy marine leisure activities more comfortably and it will also be useful for a wide range of everyday use.

6 Recommended Activities for Outdoor Activities at the Sea

Recommended watches for camping and mountain climbing

Q. How do you choose a watch for outdoor activities in the mountains?
A. Something that is impact resistant and lightweight is best!
We recommend a case diameter of around 42mm at most so that you can move around actively outdoors. It is also compact if the thickness is less than 15mm. If you are going to sweat or cook, it should be waterproof, and the type of strap is rubber, silicone, or metal, so it dries easily even if it gets wet and there is little discomfort.

6 recommended activities for outdoor activities in the mountains

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