Seamaster (OMEGA) luxury watches

This is a list of luxury Seamaster (Omega) watches. Currently, Yukizaki has 476 Seamaster (Omega) products in stock.

The Seamaster boasts the oldest history of any existing model. In the 1970 Deep Sea Oil Field Survey Plan, the Seamaster 600 was attached to the arm of a diver working at a deep sea of 250 m, and its ability was demonstrated brilliantly. And in 1981, when freediver Jacques Mayol set a dive record of 101m, which was unprecedented, the Seamaster 120 was attached. Its high ability has been evaluated from various fields, and it has now established a solid position as a full-fledged professional diver's watch. The Seamaster Diver 300M was adopted in the movie "007 GoldenEye" released in 1995, and many models appeared many times in the subsequent series. In addition, we have actively adopted a co-axial mechanism that significantly reduces the wear of internal parts and can maintain performance by overhauling every 10 years, and we have installed it in many models. Omega SeamasterOmega Seamaster

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