Quiet Luxury Quiet Luxury

[Special feature on simple jewelry recommended by Yukizaki] Add quiet luxury to your daily life. Quiet Luxury

Bringing quiet luxury to your daily life. Quiet LuxuryBringing quiet luxury to your daily life. Quiet Luxury

“Quiet Luxury” is a style that emphasizes the quality of the materials without overpowering the brand logo or motif. It dominated the fall/winter trends of 2023, and its popularity will continue to attract attention in 2024. We will introduce jewelry that goes well with trendy fashion, and is loved for a long time due to its simple yet carefully selected materials and textures. Why not take this opportunity to look for jewelry that will last a lifetime?

[2024 trends]
3 recommended Yukizaki items that are essential for quiet luxury


01 K18

K18 jewelry, which is one of the most popular types of jewelry, is made of a high-quality gold alloy, so it has the elegant shine that is unique to gold. It is also said to be a metal that does not easily change color or fade, making it a recommended piece of jewelry that can be used for a long time.

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02 coins

The coin has a money motif and is considered to be an auspicious piece of jewelry that brings in money and good fortune. We also recommend layering it with a gold chain.

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one grain

03 one grain

A single diamond is a piece of jewelry that is modest yet has a presence and gives a noble impression. It can be matched with both casual clothes and normal scenes.

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