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  • Features of OMEGA

    Switzerland's long-established luxury watch "OMEGA" is highly popular worldwide due to its excellent quality and design and its great history, and is supported by a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.
    OMEGA was founded by watchmaker Louis Blanc in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the center of the watch industry, and has since evolved into a luxury watch brand by his sons.
    In 1894, we announced the new high-quality movement "19-line caliber", which was named "Omega (Ω)" from the last letter of the Greek letter with the meaning of "ultimate". This is also the origin of the brand name that continues to this day.
    OMEGA has various widely recognized collections such as "Speedmaster" which is famous as a moon watch that accompanied human beings' first landing on the moon and "Seamaster" which is a diver's model, and continues to be loved by people all over the world. .. Due to the accuracy of its products, Omega has been the official timekeeper in 28 competitions since the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, and is a prestigious brand that is also the official timekeeper in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In addition, all OMEGA products have received Master Chronometer certification, which is a certification standard for the quality of mechanical watches, and are excellent watches under strict standards in terms of waterproofness, magnetic resistance, power reserve, accuracy, etc. As it is a certified watch, it boasts outstanding quality. As the name implies, the ultimate watch collection is still a longing for many people.

MATERIAL Omega material

The OMEGA reference number contains information such as the model, case / bezel material, and case size.
Omega reference

(1) Model number Each model is indicated by a 3-digit number.

(2) Case material Consists of two-digit numbers, the number on the left indicates the case and bezel, and the number on the right indicates the material of the breath.

(3) Case size The size is indicated in millimeters.

④ Movement Shows a rough classification of movements.

(5) Dial color A two-digit number indicates the material and color of the dial.

⑥ Minor change A 3-digit number indicates the number of the model change.

②Case, bezel material list (number on the left)

Numbers material
1 Stainless steel
2 combination
3 Stainless steel case, non-stainless steel bezel
Five gold
6 Gold case, non-gold bezel
9 Titanium, platinum or ceramic

②Case and bezel material list (numbers on the right)

Numbers material
0 Same as case and bezel
2 Calf, rubber, etc.
3 Croco leather
Five Same as the case and bezel, bezel diamond
7 Bezel diamond other than crocodile leather
8 Bezel diamond in crocodile leather
TERM Omega terminology

Sedna Gold

Pink gold that contains pure gold, copper, and palladium. It was named after the reddest asteroid "Sedna" in the solar system. In 75% gold, Rolex Everose Gold has platinum added, while Omega Sedna Gold has palladium added to maintain a beautiful shine forever. This material was adopted in the constellation in 2013 and was later incorporated into a wide range of popular OMEGA models such as the Speedmaster and Seamaster. Also, in 2019, we succeeded in developing OMEGA's original yellow gold, Moonshine Gold, which is resistant to fading due to aging, and we do not know that the quest for OMEGA's material development will stop.


The word "co-axial" attached to many OMEGA model names. This means that the Co-Axial escapement is used in the movement. In 1999, Omega announced for the first time as an epoch-making escapement that was completely different from the previous Swiss lever type, and in 2014, announced the master co-axial that evolved the escapement and the balance spring into a non-magnetic material. did. The Co-Axial escapement was originally invented by watchmaker George Daniels in 1974, and over 25 years since then, OMEGA has succeeded in mass production, achieving high accuracy and about the span of overhaul required for mechanical watches. I realized that it can be doubled. In terms of magnetic resistance, Master Co-Axial, which does not yield to the magnetic force of 15,000 gauss, reigns as an unrivaled overwhelming existence.

HISTORY Omega Chronology
1848 Watchmaker Louis Blanc opens a watch assembly workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which is the origin of OMEGA.
1879 After Louis Blanc's death, his two sons take over the watch studio.
1880 Established a factory in Bienne, where the head office is currently located.
1885 Developed Labrador, a lever escapement type move.
1892 Announced the first wristwatch-type minute repeater.
1894 Announced Caliber 19. The name is decided to be "Ω (OMEGA)".
1932 He is a timekeeper at all Los Angeles Olympic Games. OMEGA's first diving watch, Marine, announced.
1948 In commemoration of the brand's 100th anniversary, Seamaster was announced.
1957 Announced Speedmaster.
1969 The Speedmaster will be carried as official equipment on Apollo 11's first landing on the moon.
1983 Joined the SMH Group (currently The Swatch Group).
1995 Seamaster first appears in the popular spy movie series "007".
Year 2005 Planet Ocean is born in Seamaster.
TRIVIA Omega Bean Knowledge
Origin of the brand name The 19-line caliber, a new high-quality movement announced in 1894, was named "Omega (Ω)" from the last letter of the Greek letter with the meaning of "ultimate". After that, in 1903, the company name was changed to "Omega".
High durability recognized by NASA We are the only company in the industry to use a system called the "Co-Axial escapement" that reduces friction on parts inside the movement and greatly extends the life of parts. In addition, OMEGA's "Speedmaster Professional" is used as the official equipment of NASA.
Olympic official timekeeper OMEGA is the official timekeeper for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games and 28 Games. I was also in charge of the 2020 Tokyo Games.
Also appeared in the popular spy movie "007" series "Seamaster" first appeared in the film in 1995. Since then, all the works have been used by the main character, James Bond.





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