De Ville (OMEGA) luxury watches

This is the product list page for luxury watches by De Ville (Omega). Currently, Yukizaki has 220 De Ville (Omega) products in stock.

It started in 1960 as the Seamaster De Ville, one of the Seamaster series. De Ville means city or town in French, and it was unique in its thin and simple design among Seamasters. Seven years after its birth, it became completely independent from the Seamaster. After that, it will be developed in the original series called De Ville. While maintaining an elegant atmosphere, the dial design has been created in many variations, from simple to unique. The number of models equipped with Omega's co-axial mechanism, which significantly reduces the wear of internal parts, is also noticeable. It can be said that Omega's attitude of installing high-performance movements not only in sports watches is evidence of its confidence in its philosophy and technical capabilities. Omega De Ville

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