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Alpha with a motif of the alphabet is the finest gem fused with carefully selected high quality diamonds. There are three kinds of colors so you can choose the material that suits you. It is a product suitable as a gem to send to important people only because craftsmen have carefully crafted one by one.

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40th generation/Woman

I knew Lee Hong Ki was an ambassador and purchased a limited edition product.
Is it too big? I was anxious until it arrived,
The real thing was very beautiful in shape, the diamonds were also glittering and when I put them on, it was even more perfect for my chest.
There was presence and was good to purchase as we could do casually.
Also, I would like to purchase the Petit series and enjoy the top arrangements in various ways.
Smaller than expected

20 generations/Woman

I thought it was smaller than I expected, but it's very glittering and cute! The wrapping is quick and fast, and I think it's a perfect gift! It was my boyfriend's birthday, and I wanted it all! I want to use it again!
It was a good product!

20 generations/male

I love it very much and love it! !

The shipment was quick and the packaging was polite and very good!
We purchased small size, but shine of glitter and diamond are beautiful though we are small and like very much! !
I'm thinking of buying something again!
It was good in time for Christmas.

20 generations/male

We purchased as Christmas present to friend.
I heard it usually waited for a few weeks, but it arrived on the night of 12/25 because it happened to be out of stock.
As gift wrapping was done free, it was good.
In addition, it was good that it seemed as if I bought it at a shop because the shopping bag arrived with a surprise.
As we did not think about bag, we were saved.
In addition, we want to purchase.
Friends were pleased, too.

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