Perlet(PERRELET) Watch

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"PERRELET" was founded in 1777 by Abraham-Louis Perret. In the same year, the innovative self-winding movement with a semi-circular weight rotor, developed by its founder Abraham-Louis Perret, still has a strong position in self-winding watches. As the slogan `` Passion for elaboration and the pursuit of more reliable technology '', the self-winding mechanism created by that passion continues to be active even after more than 200 years since its development, becoming a great deal in the mechanical watch industry Needless to say, we have achieved achievements. In 1995, we developed a "double rotor" system with a rotor on the dial side. Then, in 2009, "Turbine" appeared inspired by this double rotor. Now it has become a flagship model that represents Perle, and has become a very excellent model in terms of function and design. It is an innovative brand that continues to pursue innovation by incorporating modern essences while inheriting the philosophy of its founding.

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