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Hublot was founded in 1979, and the classic that was announced the following year was the predecessor of the classic fusion. As the name of the company, which means porthole (round window on the hull) in French, is derived from, the round case and screw-fastened bezel were inspired by the porthole. The combination of gold case and rubber strap, which was the industry's first attempt at that time, brought a new style to the watch industry. Over time, the classic fusion has been revived in the present age by injecting the identity of fusion while inheriting the design of the original classic. Unlike other models, the thickness of the case is designed to be thin, making it a design that gives a more elegant impression. As the model name is named Fusion, there are many cases, dials, and straps that use various materials, and it is a model that symbolizes Hublot's quest. hublot classic fusion

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