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    • What kind of model is the new work?

    • Why is Richard Mille so expensive?

      Richard Mille has an amazing mechanism that it does not break even if it is thrown even though it is a mechanical watch, and it requires advanced technology to use original materials such as high-tech materials that are also used for aircraft. Because it takes a huge amount of time to make that special watch, only a very limited number of watches are distributed in the market. As an unprecedented extreme watch, we are advancing our own limited and expensive route.

    About ABOUT Richard Mille
    • Features of RICHARD MILLE

      Speaking of luxury watches, many people may think of Vacheron Constantin, which has a long history and tradition, and Patek Philippe, one of the world's three major luxury watches. Richard Mille is a brand that has been in business for just over 20 years and is classified as a young manufacturer in the watch industry. Why is it so popular as a luxury watch?
      First, Richard Mille's target audience is related to being ultra-rich. For this ultra-rich group, which accounts for only 0.9% of the world, we are announcing an expensive and high-performance model that brings together technological capabilities that other companies have not achieved, such as watches with complicated mechanisms that have been made lighter and put into practical use. .. Richard Mille's friends and partners include action actor Jackie Chan, F1 racer Felipe Massa, and singer Pharrell Williams.
      In addition, since it is manufactured by the ultimate technology using the latest materials, the number of production is inevitably small. As a result, the production is unintentionally limited and the market value is increasing.

    • Popular model of RICHARD MILLE

      Manufactured as the fifth model in partnership with world-famous tennis player Rafael Nadal, the RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL has impact resistance that protects the extremely thin tourbillon movement from the impact of 10000G. , A model with high rigidity inspired by the chassis of a racing car.
      Released in a limited edition of 50 watches worldwide, this sports watch continued to move with precision on its wrists during the violent shock of Nadal's game, overturning the stereotypes of mechanical watch vulnerabilities.

    HISTORY Richard Mille Chronology
    2001 Established Richard Mille in Jura, Switzerland. Announced the Tourbillon series limited to 17 pieces.
    2002 Announced the Tourbillon Dual Time equipped with a dual time mechanism. In the same year, he became the main sponsor of the 1st Le Mans Classic.
    2003 Introducing the RM004 split second chronograph.
    2006 Entered the yacht field. The RM014 Tourbillon Perini Navi Cup is born in partnership with the leading luxury sailing vessel manufacturer "Perini Navi".
    2007 Entered the Luxury Watch Foundation. In the same year, the RM011 flyback chronograph Felipe Massa, which is said to be synonymous with the brand, was announced.
    2010 In the same year, tennis player Rafael Nadal wore the RM27 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal at the French Open.
    2013 Introducing the world's lightest RM27-01 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal.
    2014 Declaration of "year of women". Announced a large number of models such as RM07-01, RM037, RM19-01, and RM51-01.
    2016 Introduced the RM11-03 Automatic Flyback Chronograph as the next-generation model of the RM011, which is synonymous with the brand.
    2017 Introducing the RM50-03 Tourbillon Split Second Chronograph Ultralight McLaren F1 in collaboration with the famous F1 team.
    2018 Announced partnership with McLaren Automobile and announced RM11-03 flyback chronograph McLaren.
    2019 Singapore F1 Grand Prix announces RM50-04 Tourbillon Split Second Chronograph Kimi Raikkonen with partners. In Miami, on the other side of the world, we announced the RM52-05 Pharrell Williams.
    TRIVIA Richard Mille's Tips
    Shocking debut Richard Mille was born in France in 1951. After serving as CEO of the well-established French brand Mauboussin Group, at that time, based on the idea of "beyond all existing watches", his main goal was "a new approach to watchmaking in the 21st century". Was launched. In his position as a "conceptor", not as a watchmaker or designer himself, he quickly pushed the Richard Mille brand to the same level as the prestigious luxury watches.
    RM 001 The first RM 001 Tourbillon was unveiled at Baselworld in 2001. It is an anecdote that Richard Mille himself slammed the watch on the ground to show its durability. In addition to staying in the RM 002, RM 003 pre-series, the RM 001 is a symbol of the brand and is currently inspiring many of the more than 80 models. From RM001 to RM017 in 2011, this case was widely recognized as the icon of Richard Mille by sticking to the tonneau-shaped case for about 10 years.
    Practical use of tourbillon Along with the perpetual calendar and minute repeater, the tourbillon is one of the three major complications. The world's first tourbillon was invented by Breguet in 1801 with the goal of eliminating clock errors. However, the complicated mechanism has the characteristics of being vulnerable to impact, being easily affected by gravity, and having a thick case. As the times progressed, the tourbillon was launched by many brands as a kind of mechanical watch status, not for improving accuracy, and at the same time, the practicality of complicated mechanisms was also required. Under such circumstances, Richard Mille realized "a tourbillon that does not break even if thrown" by specially processing carbon for watches, and breathed new life into the watch industry.
    Brand policy The concept is "F1 watch". This is because making an F1 car requires cutting-edge technology and a huge amount of money, so we have set that motto in making watches and jump to the front line that is unrivaled. Most of the materials used in recent luxury watches are stainless steel, but Richard Mille aims for its own route, and many are made of materials used for F1 machines and aircraft in order to maximize weight reduction and strengthening. I have. Even if you take one small screw of a part, the part can be formed from the concept by making dozens of prototypes over several months or more. It is also a policy to be the one and only "extreme watch" that goes beyond the traditional luxury watches.



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