Rolex Daytona(DAYTONA) USED Watch

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Watch USED Rolex Daytona
Rolex is the only chronograph model "Daytona". It was developed in the 1950s in the wake of the cooperation of the Daytona International Speedway, a circuit course in the United States. Inspired by the challenge of mankind to the universe and to the challenge of speed, it is named "Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona" and is a model that continues to be loved as "Daytona" even in modern times. The movement of the current model is equipped with a caliber 4130 developed and manufactured by combining Rolex technology, and achieves high performance in stability, robustness, magnetic resistance and impact resistance. Tachymeters are also one of the essential mechanisms in sports. The scale marked on the bezel indicates the speed, which is an important function in racing car racing. Daytona is the one and only one that continues to reign as a masterpiece to attract watch lovers and as a Rolex icon.



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Rolex Daytona

50 generations/male

I received today. After all it is cool. Thank you very much. If you have another chance, thank you
I made a good purchase!

20 generations/Woman

I am very happy to find a handy product!

I was looking for something that wasn't too big and had a simple design, so it was a perfect product!

I want to use it in various situations because it seems to be easy to use for everyday use!

I knew the store for a long time, so I was able to shop with confidence! !!

50 generations/male

The unusual Burke Day-Date 18248 I was looking for. I am very happy to find the complete accessories. The degree was also the best. It is a gem with a dull and shining bark pattern on the breath. Thanks to "Yukizaki" for getting a new collection!
Very satisfied

20 generations/male

The packaging was beautiful and the product itself was very beautiful. In addition, I was able to wait until the product arrived with great peace of mind because I had me explain and respond carefully over the phone after purchase. Furthermore, there were shopping loans and so on, so I was able to purchase them easily. I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity.
Many limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtainMany limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtain
Official mail order limited used watch return service started
Official mail order limited used watch return service started
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