Zenith(ZENITH) USED Watch

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Zenith was founded in 1865 by Georges Fabre-Jacot. He revolutionized the watch industry by inventing the concept of the Manufacture, which brought together all the expertise involved in watchmaking in one place. Zenith's signature movement is the El Primero, which was born in 1969. It was the first integrated automatic chronograph and remains firmly established as the world's most accurate mass-produced caliber. In 1975, when the company that owned Zenith at the time was told to shift to producing only quartz watches, craftsman Charles Vermot, concerned about this, decided to produce the blueprints and tools needed to manufacture mechanical calibers. It was evacuated to preserve it for future generations. Fast forward to 1984, and with the revival of mechanical movements, Charles Vermot returned the blueprints he had kept to Zenith, and production of the El Primero was restarted. Other major watch brands have also announced a number of models equipped with El Primero, marking the return of this legendary watch. In 2019, El Primero will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and the brand is expected to make further advances. Zenith ZENITH

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