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In 1996, a ladies watch with the image of transparency, cleanliness, and dignity was born under the theme of "elegance, quality and refinement." We put cuteness in simplicity and directed women's hand gorgeously. Two years later, Crosssea's first unisex model was released and changed to a high-performance product that was satisfactory for both men and women. The eco-drive function ensures that the watch does not stop suddenly, so you can always know the exact time with a radio clock, and a metal coating that protects the shine from small scratches and rubs is lighter than stainless steel and gentle on the skin The adoption of Super Titanium material, waterproofing for daily life, the reception of radio waves in four countries around the world, and a happy flight function that allows you to know the time in 24 cities around the world.

Delivery to some areas may be delayed due to typhoons.Please understand beforehand.





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