Explaining the history and chronology of Cartier products

We will explain the history and chronology of Cartier products. We will explain the products in an easy-to-understand manner even for first-time users.

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1847 Designer Louis-François Cartier opens a small maison in France.
1859 Moved to Paris, the center of society. His client was Empress Eugenie, wife of French Emperor Napoleon III.
1888 Created the first bracelet jewelry watch.
1898 The company moved to Rue La Paix, Place Vendôme in Paris, and has remained its head office there for over 120 years.
1909 Pierre Cartier opens a branch in New York.
1902 Established a branch in London. He was praised by King Edward VII of England as ``The King's Jeweler and the King of Jewelers''.
1912 Created the first bucket diamond.
1924 The Trinity Collection is born.
1925 Introducing art deco style jewelry.
1933 Obtained patent rights for mystery setting
1970 The Love Collection is born.
1895 The Classic Collection is born.
1914 A panther collection with a leopard motif is born.
1970 Cartier Hong Kong opens.
1979 Cartier Monde is established as the parent company for each region.
1984 Established the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art.
2019 The Clash de Cartier collection is born.


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