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Bulgari is a historical and time-honored jewelry brand founded in 1884. Founder Sotirio Bvlgari was born and raised in a family of Greek silversmiths, developed his talents, and opened a store in Italy. Utilizing this jewelry processing technology, we will start a wristwatch line from 1977. Combining the highest quality Swiss watch technology with a unique Italian design, a refined Bvlgari watch is born.



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I chose 37mm because my wrist is thin, but it is lightweight and has an excellent fit. There is nothing to say in terms of design, and it is a very satisfying dish. Bvlgari is two items following the standard Bvlgari Bvlgari, but it has a different face and I would like to use it properly with TPO in mind.
I was able to purchase with confidence

20 generations/Woman

This is the second Bvlgari watch,
I wanted Bulgari Bulgari in different colors, so I ordered it from Yukizaki for the first time.
Packing, shipping and arrival were smooth and very helpful.
I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity.
HISTORY Bvlgari Chronology
1884 Founder Greek silversmith Tirio Bvlgari founds Bvlgari in Via Sistina, Rome.
1905 Moved to Via Condotti, the current head office, with the cooperation of two sons.
1932 Sotirio dies. The "BVLGARI" logo, which retains the Latin notation "V" of the clan's family name, is displayed at the head office.
1940s Started making watches. Announced the snake-shaped bracelet watch "Serpenti".
1950s Reintroducing the Color Revolution and Cabochon In the era of "Dolce Vita", it has become the focus of celebrities around the world.
1975 Introduced the first 100-piece limited edition watch with "BVLGARI ROMA" engraved on the bezel.
1977 Partnership with Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux Announces new icon Bulgari Bulgari watch
1980 Established "Bulgari Time" in Switzerland, the center of watchmaking. Announced a technique that combines high-grade precious stones used in high jewelry with colored silk cords.
1987 Entered Japan as a jewelry brand.
1988 Announced Diagono.
1991 Opened the Tokyo main store as an Asian flagship store.
1992 Announced Quadrat.
1994 Announced the Minute Repeater Tourbillon.
1996 Announced "Bulgari Bulgari" equipped with Grand Compliction.
1998 Announced aluminum.
year 2000 Announced Lettangoro.
Year 2005 Announced Asoma.
2006 Announced an in-house developed complication move.
2008 Announced "Diagono Calibble 303" to commemorate the 120th anniversary of its founding.
2009 Announced the Solitaire Bvlgari collection.
2014 Celebrate the 130th anniversary of its founding.
TRIVIA Bvlgari bean knowledge
BVLGARI This "Bulgari" spelling uses the Old Latin alphabet used in the ancient Roman Empire. It can be seen that Bvlgari values Rome and is proud of it.
Japan is the best in the world Bvlgari sells best in the world in Japan rather than in China or Italy, where it originated. Osaka is growing even in Japan. It seems that Italy and Osaka have a temperament such as values to enjoy life and passion.
5 major jewelers Bvlgari is famous as one of the five largest jewelers in the world. Since the Italian Renaissance, there are many works using bright colors, and it is famous for being used by jewelry lovers such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.
Serpenti "Serpenti", which exists as one of the representative designs of Bulgari, means "snake" in Italian. The snake motif has various legends since ancient times and is considered to be a sacred creature, and various series such as back and breath have been developed. Serpenti is a series that symbolizes Bulgari's elegance.
Many limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtainMany limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtain
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Birthstone feature
Official mail order limited used watch return service started
Official mail order limited used watch return service started
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