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New product
Messages in Numbers and Initials-NOMBRE NOMBRE-Why don't you always wear your special numbers and initials, such as your or your loved one's birthday, initials of your family or lover. Abundant variations such as size, material and combination parts. Your own page number.



  • Nomble nombre
  • alpha alpha
  • NOMBRE PUTIT nombre-putit
  • Alpha Petit alpha-PUTTS
  • Nomble Premium premium-name
  • NOMBRE RING ring-name
  • Nombretti ring nombre-PUTTS-ring
  • Alpha petit ring alpha-putit-ring
  • used



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Search results / 388
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30 generations/male

I like Yukizaki's page numbers and this is my second purchase.
The quality and brilliance are the best. I always buy with confidence.
The wrapping is also very polite, and the wrapping is so tight that you can give it as a gift even if you buy it online.
quick response

30 generations/male

It was quick and polite to receive the product after ordering.
I thought it was packed very neatly and I was thinking about the other party.
The size of the product is good and I like it, so I will buy it again!
I also recommend it to acquaintances.
It was a reward for myself

30 generations/male

I was very happy because I was longing for it. I also want initials and number 8, so if you have another chance, thank you. The M size was smaller than I expected, so I'm thinking of buying the L size as well.

I had you make a custom-made yellow gold, but the correspondence was good and I was able to shop comfortably.

thank you.
NOMBRE Page Number No.9

30 generations/male

I bought S size.
The size is just right and I am very satisfied.
The chain I had was 1.5mm wide and I was worried whether it would pass, but it was good because it passed smoothly. Also, it was very good because it was a smooth response from product purchase to delivery. Thank you very much.
Many limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtainMany limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtain
Birthstone feature
Birthstone feature
Official mail order limited used watch return service started
Official mail order limited used watch return service started
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Omega Big Sale
Casio official handling shop
Casio official handling shop
NOMBRE certified used
NOMBRE certified used
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