Rolex New Releases 2024 & 5 New Models to Buy Now

This year, the world's largest watch fair, Watches And Wonders Geneve 2024, was held in Switzerland, and in addition to Rolex, new products from many classic brands such as Patek Philippe and Grand Seiko were unveiled.
The theme for Rolex in 2024 is "Bringing new style to iconic models." As the name suggests, we will introduce five exquisite collections that break away from the norm, along with popular models that you can buy now.


What's the new Daytona for 2024?

Introducing a unique shell dial!

  • 126538TBR
  • 126539TBR
  • 126535TBR
  • 126579RBR
  • 126589RBR
  • 126595TBR
  • 126598TBR

This year's new Daytona continues to be equipped with the Cal. 4131 announced last year, a powerful caliber for the Daytona that boasts a 72-hour power reserve.
Two new models are now available with mother-of-pearl dials, in white and black, that were not available in last year's lineup (Ref. 126589RBR/Ref. 126579RBR), and feature a luxurious design with 36 diamonds set on the tachymeter bezel and 8 diamonds set on the dial.
The Ref. 126538TBR, with its dazzling yellow gold case, diamonds on the lugs and bezel, and comfortable Oysterflex bracelet, also stands out. The Everose gold model, Ref. 126535TBR, is made of a more elegant and skin-friendly pink gold.


  • Case size: 40mm
  • Case material : K18WG (126539TBR, 126589RBR, 126579RBR) / K18YG (126538TBR, 126598TBR) / K18ERG (126535TBR, 126595TBR)
  • Movement: Cal.4131
  • Price : ¥8,858,300 (tax included) - ¥17,762,800 (tax included) *Please enquire

RECOMMENDWhat is the recommended Daytona to buy now?

  • 126500LN

    ¥5,800,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. Equipped with a new movement, Cal. 4131, which is an update of Cal. 4130. The white panda dial is more popular and therefore more expensive.

  • 126500LN

    ¥5,200,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, it is the 7th generation of Daytona. It follows the design of its predecessor, the 116500LN.

  • 126515LN

    ¥7,200,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. The combination of the gorgeous Everose gold and Oysterflex bracelet exudes the dignity of a luxury sports watch.

  • 126518LN

    ¥7,280,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. This watch features a luxurious yellow gold with a white dial and a striking contrast with the black Cerachrom bezel.


What is the new Sky-Dweller for 2024?

Everose and yellow gold jubilee bracelet!

When it comes to Rolex's complicated mechanism models, the Sky-Dweller is the one to go for. It is a high-spec series equipped with an annual calendar and dual time. New variations are added to the Sky-Dweller every year, and this year the Jubilee bracelet, which was previously only available in combination, is now also available in K18 yellow gold and K18 Everose gold.
The dial colors of the yellow gold model (Ref. 336938) are the classic white, black, and champagne, while the Everose gold model (Ref. 336935) comes in white, slate, brown, and blue-green, creating a variation that combines a calm yet glamorous look.


  • Case size: 42mm
  • Case material : K18YG (336938) / K18ERG (336935)
  • Movement: Cal.9002
  • Price : ¥7,066,400 (tax included) - ¥7,482,200 (tax included) *Please enquire

RECOMMENDWhat is the recommended Sky-Dweller that you can buy now?

  • 336934

    ¥3,575,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. Made of a combination of stainless steel and white gold, the basic design of the previous Ref. 326934 remains the same, but minor changes have been made to the movement and new dial colors have been added.

  • 336938

    ¥7,800,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. A gorgeous model in yellow gold. Equipped with the same latest Cal. 9002 as the new model for 2024, it boasts outstanding accuracy and stability.

  • 326235

    ¥6,800,000 (tax included)

    2020~. With its elegant white dial and Everose gold case, the comfortable Oysterflex gives this watch a sporty and special feel.

  • 326934

    ¥4,350,000 (tax included)

    From 2017. This is the first combination model to appear in the Sky-Dweller lineup, which previously only had solid models. In addition to blue, it is available in black and white.


What are the new Day-Date models for 2024?

Ombre and blue-green join the ranks!

  • 128238
  • 128395TBR
  • 228235

The Day-Date is available in four new dial variations, 36mm and 40mm. The 36mm model has a sunburst blue-green dial in Everose gold (Ref. 128395TBR), and a smooth, glossy white lacquer dial (Ref. 128238) that was previously only available on the 40mm model. The blue-green dial changes color depending on the viewing angle, making it a noteworthy model with a unique deep color that is truly worthy of the style of a high-end dress watch.
The 40mm model also comes with a mother-of-pearl dial (Ref. 228239), which is the first to be used on a Day-Date model, as well as a slate ombré dial (Ref. 228235) with a captivating gradient that Rolex describes as a "Symphony of Shadows."


  • Case size 36mm (123238, 128395) / 40mm (228239, 228235)
  • Case material : K18WG (228239) / K18YG (128238) / K18ERG (228235, 128395TBR)
  • Movement: Cal.3255
  • Price : ¥5,051,200 (tax included) - ¥11,511,500 (tax included) *Please enquire

RECOMMENDWhat is the recommended Day-Date watch that you can buy now?

  • 128345RBR

    ¥17,600,000 (tax included)

    From 2021. The artistic design is a beautiful combination of the irregular stripes of natural minerals and the intricate arrangement of bezel diamonds.

  • 128239

    ¥5,800,000 (tax included)

    2019~. Equipped with Rolex's unique Cal.3255, which has 14 patents. The fluted bezel, white dial and Roman indexes give this watch a modest and elegant impression.

  • 228235

    ¥10,000,000 (tax included)

    From 2016. The olive green dial with a sunburst finish that changes depending on the angle of the light is a popular Rolex color, and is a rare model with a low circulation.

  • 218238A

    ¥7,260,000 (tax included)

    From 2008 (out of production). A rare 41mm Day-Date II. The glossy gold color from the bracelet to the dial creates a sense of unity that doesn't feel large.


What will the GMT-Master II be like in 2024?

Black and grey two-tone bezel!

  • 126710GRNR

This year's new model follows the black and gray bezel color of the yellow gold model (Ref. 126718GRNR) and yellow gold combination model (Ref. 126713GRNR) released last year. Although it is a two-tone color, it has a calm and chic impression, and the design is easy to match with business scenes. It is the only stainless steel model among this year's new models, and it is likely to be steadily popular due to its relatively affordable price.
Two types of bracelets are available: Oyster and Jubilee. Another distinctive feature of this model is the Rolex green GMT-MASTER II logo and 24-hour hand.


  • Case size: 40mm
  • Case material: Oystersteel
  • Movement: Cal.3285
  • Price : ¥1,540,000 (tax included) - ¥1,569,700 (tax included) *Please enquire

RECOMMENDWhat is the recommended GMT Master II that you can buy now?

  • 126713GRNR

    ¥3,600,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. The bezel color is black and gray, the same as this year's new model. It has a chic impression that is different from the standard red and blue or black and blue.

  • 126718GRNR

    ¥7,300,000 (tax included)

    From 2023. This is a watch that sparkles with its solid yellow gold presence. Another point is that even the GMT hand has been changed to yellow gold.

  • 126711CHNR

    ¥3,500,000 (tax included)

    From 2018. Nicknamed "Root Beer" or "Cafe au Lait," this popular model features a brown and black bezel and a perfect combination of Everose gold and stainless steel.

  • 116710LN

    ¥2,068,000 (tax included)

    2007~ (out of production). This was the pioneer of the robust ceramic bezel. This is recommended for those who want to avoid having the same GMT Master as others, even though the GMT Master has a gorgeous two-tone bezel.


What about Deepsea in 2024?

The first yellow gold model is here!

  • 136668LB

The Deepsea collection, which has mainly been made of Oystersteel since its launch in 2008, now has its first solid yellow gold model. This luxury diver's watch features an eye-catching bright blue bezel, pressure-resistant ring, powder yellow Deepsea logo on the dial, and a water resistance of 3,900m for professionals.
Like the case, the yellow gold bracelet is different from the conventional Oystersteel satin finish, with only the middle links polished for a more lustrous design. The "SEA-DWELLER" logo on the dial has disappeared, and this model is the first to establish its own position as an original model, rather than being positioned as a Deep Sea within the Sea-Dweller series.


  • Case size: 44mm
  • Case Material: Yellow Gold
  • Movement: Cal.3235
  • Price : ¥7,510,800 (tax included) *Please enquire

RECOMMENDWhat is the recommended Deep Sea that you can buy now?

  • 136660

    ¥2,880,000 (tax included)

    From 2022. This high-spec diver's watch features a deep blue dial gradation and can withstand deep sea depths of up to 3,900m.

  • 116660

    ¥2,680,000 (tax included)

    From 2008 (out of production). In addition to the deep blue dial, there is also a black version, and the font and logo mark are also different, so you can enjoy the individual differences of this series.



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