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What is a diver's watch?

Diver's watches are called "submersible watches" among the water resistant watches specified by the JIS standard. As the name implies, they are special watches that can be used for diving.
Among them, it is divided into a pro-spec model that can support saturated diving and a model for general users who can scuba diving.
This is a watch that not only has excellent water resistance but also has passed various strict standards of ISO and JIS.
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Divers watch definition

The definition of a diver's watch is that it has a pressure resistance (equivalent to 125 m for 100 m) that can withstand at least 100 m diving and 1.25 times the water pressure, and that it has a function to manage diving time.
Since it is assumed that it can function normally in the deep sea and can be used safely and accurately, it has passed various tests such as visibility, magnetic resistance, impact resistance, salt water resistance, external force, water tightness, helium gas resistance etc. Must do it.
Even if it is written as 100m waterproof, it cannot be said to be a diver's watch unless these standards are met.
MECHANAISM / MechanismMECHANAISM / Mechanism

MECHANAISM / Mechanism

Divers' watches, which have a variety of excellent performances, are often chosen as "everyday use", and each brand is developing models that emphasize design and practicality, and is gaining more popularity.
Here, we will introduce the main functions and features of the diver's watch.

1. Waterproof and durable

The best feature of a diver watch is, of course, waterproof performance.
Most models called diver's watches have a waterproof performance of 200m or more.
The popular Rolex submarina is 300m, but there are 1000m and 2000m for deeper waterproof models.
There are also models that are waterproof to 4000 meters, such as Hublot's Oceanographic.
In addition, the bracelet and rotating bezel are hard to break because it often hits the rock surface or the hull, making it a durable and robust construction that can be used safely even in harsh deep sea environments.

2. Visibility

Divers must work in deep water, where the sun's rays do not reach.
Divers' watches are required to be able to see the time and the operating status of the watch in a dark place from a distance of 25 cm.
Luminous paint is applied to indexes, hands, and bezels to enhance visibility, and it is characteristic of glowing in the dark.
At 12 o'clock on the rotating bezel, luminous paint called Luminous Point is attached, but the bezel of a popular model seems to have many such designs.

3. Reverse rotation prevention bezel

Reverse rotation prevention bezelReverse rotation prevention bezel
Diver's watch also defines the item "has a function to manage diving time."
Most models use this rotating bezel to measure the dive time (= cylinder remaining air time, decompression time).
Some have an inner bezel, such as the IWC Aquatimer.
The reason that the bezel is designed to rotate only in the reverse direction is to prevent the bezel from rotating and reading the elapsed dive time short when hitting.

4. Helium escape valve

Helium escape valveHelium escape valve
The helium escape valve is a mechanism that allows helium that has entered the watch to escape outside the watch.
Helium gas is used by professional divers for diving.
Because helium is a very small molecule, it can get inside the watch through gaps when working in the deep sea or entering a vacuum chamber.
The helium escape valve plays a role in releasing the helium that has entered. Helium will burst if left inside the wristwatch, so slowly pull it out when ascending.

5. Extension buckle

Extension buckleExtension buckle
It is a feature that is rarely seen except for divers watches, but some metal bracelet models allow you to freely adjust the length of the bracelet.
Although it is about 30mm even if it is free, it is a function provided so that you can wear a diver's watch from above the diving suit.
ITEM LIST / Product listITEM LIST / Product list

ITEM LIST / Product list

ROLEX Recommended Popular Model

Representative of divers watch. The most famous and always popular model is the Rolex Submarina.
Appeared in the 1950s, variations in "date availability" and highly waterproof "Sea-Dweller" and "Deep Sea" in top models are as popular as they are.
The price range is wide and the variety is abundant. It is a model that keeps an eye on.
ROLEX Product List

OMEGA Recommended Popular Model

Seamaster attracts attention because it is also used in the movie "007" series. A diver's watch that shines on suits as worn by James Bond has become established.
There are many types of Seamasters. We have a wide range of models from introductory models to professional models.
List of OMEGA products

PANERAI Recommended Popular Models

Robust and rugged model with outstanding visibility in the deep sea and distinctive appearance that can be identified at a glance.
Originally made for the Egyptian Navy in 1956, the Submersible was improved to a professional diver's watch.
PANERAI Product List

Other recommended popular models

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