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Carrera was born in 1964, inspired by Carrera Panamericana Mexico, a public road car race in Mexico. Porsche, a German automobile manufacturer, has a model with the same name, indicating that it was a very influential race. While the watch design at the time was conservative, Jack Heuer, president and inventor of the model, brought innovation to the industry. In addition to the high-precision chronograph mechanism, a stylish lug that extends from the case, a three-dimensionally shaped index, etc. finished the design without being bound by common sense. The chronograph with Caliber Heuer 01, which is the current core model, has been transformed into a beautifully shaped three-dimensional skeleton dial, unlike before.

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This is my second purchase!


Last time, I bought the TAG Heuer Carrera Classic (manual winding) and was satisfied with the service and products. Then, this time, a similar antique carrera self-winding item was exhibited, so I bought it immediately.
This time as well as last time, we were able to respond promptly and politely to questions before purchasing.
The product was shipped with strict packaging and there was no problem at all.
The actual watch that arrived was so beautiful that it made me wonder if it was second hand.
Thank you very much for the perfect service and products both times.
Purchased as good as new vintage watch


I bought the TAG Heuer Carrera Classic this time.

I asked questions and confirmed the product many times before purchasing, but the prompt response made me feel at ease when purchasing.
In addition, the products were shipped in a short time, and the packaging form and contents were polite and there were no problems.

The actual watch was clean and really like new.
I will use it carefully in the future.
If you have any problems, we also have a one-year warranty, so we would like to ask you to deal with it.
thank you very much.

Thank you very much!

40th generation/male

Almost three years have passed since I fell in love at first sight, and when I was rushing to see it on other sites, I saw your company and purchased it. I was grateful that I packed it carefully and proceeded to ship it in a short time. I hope you can take care of it the next time. Thank you very much.
In search of bike touring friends

40th generation/male

For me, who has been a motorcycle touring hobby for many years,
A wristwatch with excellent visibility and water resistance was an essential item.
Meanwhile, I fell in love with TAG Heuer Formula 1 that I happened to meet on the site. The same model was discounted a little on other sites, but since I am also a partner who wants to be taken care of for a long time, I thought that purchasing with Yukizaki, who was familiar with watch magazines etc., would be the most reassuring to purchase. Thank you.
Many limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtainMany limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtain
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Official mail order limited used watch return service started
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