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    About ABOUT Harry Winston
    • Features of Harry Winston

      Harry Winston known as the "King of Diamonds". The highest quality jewels and original works have provided admiration and magic to the women of the world at all times.
      "It is important to treat each diamond as if it were a human being." Harry Winston, the founder, values the attitude of facing each diamond and disciplines to maximize its appeal. I never neglected. It continues to this day and is making its name known to the world as one of the world's top five jewelers. And in recent years, when we enter the watch industry in earnest, the technology and ability to fuse tradition and innovation are overwhelming with the innovative and unique timepiece that sets it apart from the long-established watch maison.

    • Harry Winston's popular model

      Harry Winston's high technology for complex mechanisms is as good as other well-established brands, and watches with artistic designs that incorporate decorative techniques as jewelers are the hearts of both jewelry and watch lovers. I will not let go of it. The "Ocean" collection features two iconic retrograde displays and is popular for its jeweler-like diamond glittering models. Inspired by the New York skyline, the "Avenue" collection has an elegant design that gives it a sophisticated appeal as Harry Winston's face.

    HISTORY Harry Winston Chronology
    1896 Harry Winston is born in New York.
    1909 Moved to the west coast to open a jewelry store in Los Angeles.
    1920 Established a jewelry store called Premier Diamond at the age of 24.
    1926 Acquired the most important estate jewelry collection of the 20th century.
    1935 Acquired the 726 carat rough diamond "Yonker" that attracted the world's attention.
    1940 The "Winston Cluster", a symbol of Harry Winston, is born.
    1943 Acquired the emerald "Stortus Berry Emerald" which is also one of the most important gems in the career.
    1947 The name "King of Diamonds", which has been handed down even today, has taken root.
    1949 An exhibition called "Coat of Jewels" (Jewelry Court) is held. Do philanthropy with the opportunity to be known for precious jewels.
    1950 Introducing a sunflower inspired by sunflowers, which are said to be beautiful in nature.
    1953 Harry Winston's name appears in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" starring the historic actress "Marilyn Monroe" and becomes a hot topic.
    1955 From around this time, we expanded overseas. It started in Geneva, Switzerland and opened in 1957 in Paris.
    1958 Donated "Hope Diamond", which is also famous as a jewel of curse, to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. It becomes a national gem storage.
    1960 Moved to 718, Fifth Avenue, which is also the main store of the existing Harry Winston.
    1978 Harry Winston dies. I was 82 years old.
    1988 First landing in Japan, Ginza store opens.
    1989 Announced entry into the watch industry. Announced "HW Premiere" and "Signature".
    1998 Announced "HW Ocean".
    1999 The person who won the Academy Award for Best Actress at the time wore a Harry Winston necklace at the award ceremony. The image as a "jeweler of stars" is firmly established.
    2001 In collaboration with an independent watchmaker, we started developing the innovative watch "Opus Series".
    2007 Established its own watch studio in Geneva, Switzerland, which is the center of watch manufacturing.
    2009 The first model of "Istoire de Tourbillon" is now available.
    2013 Harry Winston is part of the giant "Swatch Group".
    TRIVIA Harry Winston's Tips
    King of diamonds Throughout his long career, encounters with numerous legendary gems have built up the history of Harry Winston and the brand. And Harry Winston is said to own more than one-third of the world-famous gems. Even today, we value the tradition of creativity, rarity and top quality, and continue to pass on and tell a brilliant story.
    Natural aesthetic eye When Harry Winston was 12, he discovered a quarter-quarter stone messed up in a pawn shop. Harry, who was fascinated by it, began to negotiate a price cut with the pawn shop owner. The owner never dreamed that it was a real stone, and lost the enthusiasm of Harry Boy and sold it at a discounted price. But it was actually a natural stone, an emerald weighing two carats. A few days later, it was sold for $ 800 at a jewelry store run by my father. From a young age, his aesthetics for gems had a glimpse of natural signs.
    Jewelers of the stars Harry Winston has been loved by many silver screen stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, and more. It was not the mainstream of branding at that time, it was a method of providing Harry Winston's jewels to the stars by providing costumes and gradually establishing the image, and it gradually became known as "stars' jewelers". In short, Harry Winston had not only the aesthetics to see the real thing, but also the talent for business.
    NEW YORK The city of New York is an essential keyword for Harry Winston. A center of unique spirit and style, inspiration and fascination, this metropolis has been the source of inspiration since the brand was founded in 1932. Including the masterpiece "Avenue" series of ladies' watches, there are many jewelry and timepieces made in the image of the sophisticated cityscape and scenery of New York.



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