Shopping loan 12 times no interest rate campaignShopping loan 12 times no interest rate campaign
 [Yukizaki mail order site limited shopping loan 12 times no interest campaign now being held]
We will cover all interest and fees for up to 12 installments of your shopping loan.
Of course, even if you pay in 12 or more installments, your monthly payments will be kept low and you can purchase a watch at a great price.
Don't miss this chance to buy watches and jewelry at bargain prices!
*We may not be able to accept your order as a result of the review by the credit company. Please note.
*Some products are excluded from the campaign.

12 times no interest rate table
Contracts with credit companies are eligible for 12 times no interest rate application.
Number of payments1回2回3回5回6回10回12回15回18回20回
12 times interest rate (%)
Normal interest rate (%) (No interest rate)
Number of payments24回30回36回42回48回54回60回72回84回96回
12 times no interest (%)
Normal interest rate (%) (No interest rate)

How to use the shopping loan
ショッピングローン If you apply online, you don't need to visit the store or use a credit card. You can apply from anywhere in the country.
This payment method does not require a signature when applying, and the review process is quick.
  • ショッピングローン
  • 1Select "Shopping Loan" on the payment method screen and enter your order information on the next screen.
  • ショッピングローン
  • 2After completing your order, you will automatically be directed to the credit company's review application screen, so please enter the necessary information.
  • ショッピングローン
  • 3The application will be reviewed by the credit company. It takes about 1-2 days for the review.
  • ショッピングローン
  • 4After the screening is completed, the credit company will contact the customer by phone to confirm the details of the contract and the identity of the customer.
  • ショッピングローン
  • 5Once we receive notification from the credit company that the screening has been completed, we will send you the results by email and ask you to electronically sign the application.
  • ショッピングローン
  • 6We will ship your parcel from our store. *We will send it to the address you provided when you signed the loan contract.

Q Is it possible to put a down payment?
A Yes. It is possible. We accept bank transfer or cash on delivery (only available for amounts under 1 million yen).
Please note that credit cards cannot be used for down payment.
Q Can I cancel my order if it does not pass the inspection?
A Yes. It is possible. It is also possible to change to another payment method.
Q I want to send the delivery address to another place or to someone other than the applicant.
A If you use a shopping loan, we will send it to "the address you entered at the time of contract" and "the contract holder". Please refrain from specifying a different address or name. Thank you for your understanding.
Q Is the 12-time interest-free shopping loan applicable to all products?
A Some products are not eligible. Please contact us for more information.
Q Is it possible to check in advance?
A I'm sorry. Pre-screening is not available.

You can order safely from the web
Yukizaki's online shopping site offers the same warranties and services as a physical store.
If you have any concerns, please contact us.

[Mail order site] Inquiries about shopping loans
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TEL:052-251-1666Reception hours: 10:30-19:30 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)