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  • Dynamis limited loan 60 times no interest
    January 15-February 29, 2020


[Dynamis takes celebrity nationwide]
American high jewelry brand Jason of Beverly Hills was founded in 2002. In 2009, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher ordered a watch with diamonds embedded in a white gold case, and the repercussions created the Jason of Beverly Hills watch collection Dynamis. A gorgeous and unique design, this watch has a unique color.

3ct or more diamonds that dance

A diamond that floats inside the case, which is the biggest feature of Dynamis. Because it is coded with a special gel, it dances slowly and elegantly every time you move it, giving off its radiance.

Diamond Pictures
Photos in the case

Attractive design

For a watch made by a jewelry brand, it has a very beautiful form. The Dynamis series “Hercules” and “Spartan” have different sizes, even though they have similar designs, so you can choose the size that suits you as you change your clothes. One of the charms is that the atmosphere and expression change when the strap is changed.

Case side diamond
Dynamis with pink belt


Introducing luxurious benefits exclusive to Dynamis.

Shopping loan 60 times no interest

Normally 12 times with no interest, only Dynamis watches are limited
We will bear the interest fee up to 60 splits.

Normally 60 payments without interest 12 times

12 times interest-free split simulation of 1,000,000 yen product

Installment commission rate (real annual rate)8.542%
Payment patternNormal split (without bonus)
Number of payments60 times
Installment fee240,000 yen
Total installments1,240,000 yen

If you don't have 60 interest rates, you can usually save 240,000 yen from 12 times

sparkling wine

sparkling wine

To customers who have purchased Dynamis
We present sparkling wine with engraved JASON OF BEVERLY HILLS (Jason of Beverly Hills)

5123ABCabc10th anniversary
6123ABCabc10th anniversary
7123ABCabc10th anniversary

※The red dotted line is the target.
※When ordering, write the letter and number (1-7) you want to engrave in the remarks column.
※If you select 5 ~ 7, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji cannot be engraved.
※Benefits are made-to-order, so it takes about 2 months to deliver.
※The font is a sample. Some are subject to change. Please contact us.

Osu Yukizaki Limited
Crocodile strap

Crocodile strapColor chart

For customers who visit Osu Yukizaki and purchase Dynamis
A replacement strap worth 40,000 yen can be chosen from 6 colors of the present.

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