Business Watch SpecialBusiness Watch Special

At the start of the new fiscal year, many people may want to renew their watches and clocks.
Or a new member of society could start a new business with a new watch.
Clocks are inextricable for businessmen. It is said that wristwatches not only affect the first impression but also play a role of social status, and reflect the dignity, income and aesthetic sense of the person.
The Business Watch Special Feature introduces the "Three Principles of Business Watch" and "How to Choose a Clock by Style".

Three principles of business watch

1. With an analog clock, not a digital clock.1. With an analog clock, not a digital clock.

1. With an analog clock, not a digital clock.

In business situations, analog clocks are recommended instead of digital clocks. Digital watches have a casual impression and are said to be unsuitable for business situations.
Many digital clocks have many functions, such as stopwatches and alarms, and are unnecessary functions in business situations. For private occasions, a digital clock is fine, but for business situations, choose an analog clock. Analog clocks are simple and easy to see, and they also provide smart time checking behavior.
2. Easy-to-read three-hand clock2. Easy-to-read three-hand clock

2. Easy-to-read three-hand clock

A three-hand watch is a simple watch that consists only of a long hand, a short hand, and a second hand. It is a watch with high visibility and very easy to see. In business situations, a three-hand clock without extra information would be preferable. Watches that are purely for ticking the time will fit into a variety of scenes, from business to sometimes casual.
The color of the dial should be selected in "white / black / dark blue" which is easy to see. It is said that the color that the watch does not insist on and adapts to the scenery is good.
3. Black leather belt is best3. Black leather belt is best

3. Black leather belt is best

Breath-type watches are good, but for formal occasions leather belts, especially black leather belts, are preferred. Leather belts differ in color and texture depending on the leather material, and it is very attractive to have a rich lineup such as crocodile leather and cowhide.
It depends on the type of job and the type of business, but it is business manners to wear a formal watch when going to the customer. If you are not sure about choosing a wristwatch for your business, you may want to choose a "black leather, white ground, three-hand clock" as described above.

How to choose a clock by style

Point1.Match with leather shoes and suitsPoint1.Match with leather shoes and suits

Point1 / Match with leather shoes and suits

Watches are part of fashion. By matching colors to suits and leather shoes, they look much tighter. Ideally, those who use items such as brown leather shoes, bags, belts, etc. should have their wristwatches in brown leather belts. If you have a lot of black and gray coordination, wear a black leather belt. This will prevent the watch from floating. You will surely look like a business person who can work better by choosing an elegant one that does not impair the dignity of the suit.

Leather belt

Point2. Breath type watchPoint2. Breath type watch

Point2 / Breath type watch

In the business scene, we recommend breath-type watches that produce adult dignity. It is best to choose a titanium or stainless steel watch. Titanium material is very light and the burden on the arm is light even when used for a long time. Stainless steel has excellent durability. Breath type watches can be worn all year round regardless of the season. The appeal of the breath type is that the width of fashion expands compared to leather belts. If the color of your suits, shoes, or bags changes depending on the day, the breath type is recommended. It is a safe wristwatch that only has one, so it can be used in casual scenes.

Titanium type

Stainless type

Point3.Case shapePoint3.Case shape

Point3 / Case shape

Even if you take one case, there are various shapes such as "round type", "square tonneau type", "big face type". In the business scene, the basic "round type" or "square tonneau type" shape would be good. In addition, the dial is not too flashy, and simple things such as bars and Arabic and Roman numerals are easy to use with high visibility.

Round type

Square tonneau type