Special adult jewelry that will make summer more enjoyable

Special adult jewelry that will make summer more enjoyable

Adult brand accessories that color the summer

Jewelry that raises the ranks of summer skin. The season for wanting to incorporate jewelry well is because there are few clothes to wear. Introducing our most popular brand jewelry that you will want right now.



Founded in 1847, Cartier is a French jewelry brand that has a long history and is one of the five major jewelers. It is a prestigious brand among the royal purveyors. Jewelry, such as diamonds, have been carefully selected and are constantly innovating with brand new routes.

Party scene


Cartier is sure to shine in the party scene. The Trinity ring is a ring that combines white gold, pink gold and yellow gold, so it is easy to match any color dress and makes your finger glittering.


Founded on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1932, Harry Winston is loved by many celebrities, including royal nobles and Hollywood stars. A brand worthy of the name "King of Diamonds". Diamonds that captivated many celebrities and celebrities are also known as "Star Jewelers."

Dress up and eat at the hotel


A diamond with a beautiful shine that is also synonymous with Harry Winston. Diamond is a jewelry that is suitable for a prestigious place regardless of the scene. It is sure to play an active part in the hotel lunch and dinner scene.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels, with a history of more than 100 years, was founded at Place Vend ド ー ム me in Paris. Jewelry loved royally, such as designing the tiara worn when Grace Kelly became Queen of Monaco.

OFFOCE×Van Cleef & Arpels

The most famous "Annhambra" in Van Cleef & Arpels. Jewelery in the form of a four-leaf clover was born in 1968. This series is supported by a wide range of ages. The small unhambra is a casual accent and will definitely shine in the OFFICE scene.


Premier Jeweler representing the United States. It was first founded in 1837 by Charles Louis Tiffany in New York. Tiffany's popular base is the quality and design of jewelry. A long-established brand that continues to be loved.


Tiffany suits casual fashion. It features a lot of items that can be used for everyday use and is very easy to match. The T Smile Necklace is used in dramas and other famous series. The simple but delicate design makes the decollete beautifully appealing, making it more feminine.


The prestigious jeweler of Paris, Boucheron. It was first opened in 1858 by the founder Frederick Boucheron at Palais Royal. He won the Gold Award at the 1867 Paris World's Fair, and has since won various awards. Established a solid position in the jewelry world. We are always ahead of the times, and have a rich series of aesthetics and creativity as pioneers.


Speaking of Boucheron, many people may think of the "Cattle" series. A collection that reproduces the motifs symbolizing Boucheron with the skills of a metalsmith. The design using silver, pink gold, yellow gold, and brown PVD brings out the elegance and neat image of women and gives them a soft impression. It is easy to match with any kind of clothes and is an active item for dating and other occasions.



It is a luxury jewelry brand founded by Fred Samuel in 1936 on the Royal Avenue in Paris. He was fascinated by the hustle and bustle of Paris in the 1930s and burned his passion for jewelry and jewelry representing the 20th century. Jewelry designed by himself appeared in the movie "Pretty Woman" in 1989. It is still established as a brand loved around the world

Sports, cycling


Speaking of jewelry that shines in the sports scene, it will be "Force 10". Fred Samuel's eldest son tied the yacht cable and presented his mother with a bracelet with buckles on both ends. Inspired by this, "Force 10" was born. A playful and refreshing item that brings out the charm of the wearer.


A high-end custom bracelet brand created by Henry Design, Inc., which has been making high jewelry in New York for over 40 years. Henry Design has a reputation as a manufacturer of famous brands for its artistic and technical capabilities.

Two people playing on the beach at summer sunset


Sting HD is a piece of jewelry hand-crafted one by one by Henry Design's skilled craftsmen. The leather used for the bracelet is of the highest quality and is a jewelry that can be used not only in summer but also in all seasons.


Italian-born brand "SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL". A new concept accessory based on the Rolex watch bezel. It features a unique and catchy design and is an accessory for adults full of playfulness. It is a popular product that continues to be in short supply in Europe.


It is an item that is easy to match with a watch as well as casually. There is presence in spite of being simple design without spoiling sense of quality with high-quality material. How about as one point of fashion?

TF Est.1968

An accessory brand with a watch motif in Switzerland, which originated in Switzerland, launched in 2010 by Mr. Chumi Freddy D, born in 1968. This brand expresses the fusion of timeless classic motifs and established worldview.

SUIT ×TF Est.1968

TF Speaking of Est. 1968, cufflinks that match shirts are probably the most famous. The cuffs that look through the cuffs of the suit are decorated with a motif of the mechanism, and are designed to tickle not only watch lovers but also men.


It is Yukizaki's jewelry "Grand Croix". The center cloth and part of the frame are decorated with diamonds. In addition, the cloth is a rotary type jewelry that can be enjoyed on both sides.


"Grand Croix" that can be used in dating scenes such as driving and the sea. The plenty of diamonds shine and create a sense of luxury and elegance at the chest. Jewelry that can be used not only for the date scene but also for casual everyday use.