Antique watch

Adult antique watch to enjoy the depth of aging

Adult antique watch to enjoy the depth of aging

If you like watches, you'll be interested in antique watches once.
The retro atmosphere, aging scratches, burns, and corrosion create a deepness, and due to the different conditions, it has the uniqueness of being one of two in the world.

That said, even if you are interested, antique watches are hard to reach out to.
I know that it is not just old, but I feel that the hurdle is high because there are many things that I do not know, such as what is an antique watch and what I need to pay attention to when handling it Isn't there much?
I would like to guide you on such an attractive antique watch.

Antique watch definition

Antique watch definition

Antique-In French, antiques and antiques are defined as handicrafts, crafts, and arts that have been in production for more than 100 years.
This is based on the law enacted in the United States in 1934, and it seems that the definition of antiques in Western countries largely follows this.

In the world of wristwatches, the first general-purpose wristwatch was introduced in 1900, so its history is short and there are few things that fit its definition.
For this reason, it is said that the ones until the late 1960s, when mechanical wrist watches were in their heyday, came to be defined as antique watches.
Recently, watches that have been older than 30 years have become more or less defined as antiques and vintages, so some watches manufactured in the 1980s may be regarded as antique watches.


What is the charm of an antique watch that will attract not only watch lovers but also those who like mechanical watches?

After all, what is the only one and only one in the world?
Since the production has ended and it is out of print, the number does not increase any more, and since it has been a long time, there are no two things with the same condition.
Each one has a different expression, and as if they were searching for treasure, the joy of encountering them seems to be all over.


You'll find a friend, colleague, or boss secretly researching your wristwatch for a new one.
Only similar designs and similar models should be noticeable.
I think that everybody wants to get something different from others and something that doesn't suffer.
Antique watches are no longer in production, so they won't suffer from the current model first.
Modern times are made for the purpose of mass production and sale, but before that, craftsmen were in every detail. It was an era where everything was made by hand.
It seems that there are many soulful models that have not applied the standard only to "whether it can be sold" when the design is such that the manpower of the craftsman remains more intense than it is now, and it is decorated.
It may be similar to the feeling of wearing a one-of-a-kind accessory in addition to the function of a watch.


Are antique watches expensive?
Of course there are models with premium like Rolex and Patek Philippe, but they are often handled in magazines etc. so there are many opportunities to see, and the image is planted as "antique watch = expensive / premium product" Only, it is bargain more than expected.
As a matter of fact, antique watches are old second-hand goods, so you can get a good price.
Most models, such as the Datejust, can be purchased cheaper than the current model, even with Rolex that is easy to get a premium.
Models with premium prices are attracting attention and strengthening their image because they are traded at such high prices in a handful of worlds.
But most antique watches are not.
One of the charms of an antique watch is that you can wear your own watch that is affordable, does not suffer from others, and you can not look for it with pleasure. Do you?



Antique watches may break down unexpectedly when used in the same way as current watches.
The technology at that time and the technology of modern perfection, and the background of the times are very different.
If you understand that what is commonplace in modern times is not commonplace in the world of antique watches, you will be able to use it longer.

There are some points that need to be handled carefully because they are made in the old age.
It is sensitive to water, shock and magnetism.

Avoid water and moisture

Most modern wristwatches are much more waterproof or at least water resistant for everyday life.
Even such modern wristwatches always have a waterproof check every time they are overhauled.
Some manufacturers change rubber packing every time to keep it waterproof.
Furthermore, most antique watches that do not use rubber packing may have been provided with waterproofing even in their lives from the time, and those that had waterproofing performance, even after many years, still maintain waterproofing performance. It is a huge question that it is.

But don't worry. You just need to avoid water and humid places.
We recommend that you remove it during water work such as hand washing and housework.
Also, on a rainy day or a hot day when you are likely to sweat a lot, it would be wiser to wear a wristwatch that has more performance than waterproof everyday.

Avoid shock

As with modern wristwatches, this is basically a precision machine, so even if it is not an antique watch, it is vulnerable to shock.
After the 1960s, the technology of impact resistance began to be adopted, but before that, because it did not have that performance, you might feel more shock than now.

If dropped on a soft object, the inside of the machine may be severely damaged as it looks.
I hope that you can use it not to be hit or dropped, nor to receive the impact transmitted from your arm.

Avoid magnetism

Many of the wristwatch components use metal.
Therefore, it is strongly influenced by magnetism. Once the metal is magnetized, it remains magnetized unless you remove it.
In that case, the accuracy of the watch will be significantly reduced.
There are models with high anti-magnetic properties in modern watches, but other than that, it is not limited to antique watches, so be careful with modern watches.

There are many things that emit magnetism in everyday life.
Be careful with home appliances, personal computers, mobile phones, etc.
It seems that the shaver is strong for men and the dryer is strong for women.
I hope you can choose a place where there is no such thing as much as possible.


What did you think. Isn't the hurdle to antique watches a little lower?
Antique watches have the fun and handling of antique watches.
We hope that you will be able to understand that precision instruments from 40 to 50 years ago are still familiar and loved.