Watch Rolex(USED) Yacht master

Watch USED Rolex Yacht master
Yacht masterYACHT MASTER
The "Yacht-Master" was announced in 1992 as a submariner advanced model for celebrities who enjoy sailing and cruisers.
The difference from the sub-marina is that the waterproofness is 100m and the dial has a three-dimensional relief.
The Yacht-Master, born as a “luxury sports watch,” is supposed to be worn by male and female pairs, is available in three sizes in men, boys and ladies, and is only available in gorgeous yellow gold models. “It was a position.
The caliber, the heart of the car, uses the same Cal.3135 as the Submarina Date. Boasts the accuracy of trust.
There is no model of stainless steel only in "Yacht Master", yellow gold model, lolesol specification which is a combination of stainless steel and gold material, and overwhelmingly popular model is stainless steel and platinum combination model "Loresium". Especially, "116622" can be said to be a popular model that represents a yacht master due to its unique presence.



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I searched around the Rolex shops and found that when I wasn't there, I didn't know when to enter the store, I found it when I was giving up! Was. Thank you ~
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The packing was also very polite. We think that product is model passing years, but it was polished, and belt was beautiful, too. You could also adjust the belt. It was even bigger after it arrived, so I adjusted it nearby.
At first I felt that the time was a bit late, but it was fine in a few days. If you have another chance, thank you.
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I received today. After all it is cool. Thank you very much. If you have another chance, thank you
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