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Since its founding in 1978, Yukizaki has strived to stock rare items that only exist in the world, always keeping an eye out for new information and training its aesthetic eye to discern what is valuable.
With the mission of providing genuine value, and in order to always deliver high-quality jewelry with the best performance, Yukizaki has created jewelry that is only available at Yukizaki by creating it ourselves.
Since its creation in 2011, NOMBRE, a piece of jewelry that allows you to wear the meanings of numbers and letters, has continued to add color to your life.

Noble. Commitment to designNoble. Commitment to designNoble. Commitment to design


The solid feel emphasizes masculinity

Along with crosses and skulls, it is a popular motif among men. By wearing a lucky number, you can bring out your masculine charm, or by projecting yourself into the alphabet and wearing it, you can show off your presence.

Noble. Commitment to designNoble. Commitment to design

Wide variety of sizes and variations available

We offer a variety of sizes and materials, so you can choose the size that best suits you. You can enjoy changing the size and variation to suit the occasion.

Wide variety of colors available

Expand WG, YG, PG

You can change the color of the material depending on your mood and fashion that day, so you can keep using it without getting bored. In addition, since all products in the series are made of K18, they are resistant to discoloration and are unlikely to cause allergies.

Reason for choosing

A gift for women

It is selected.

For a special person on a special day. The S size, which is smaller than the standard size, and the elegant and cute PUTIT series are the sizes preferred by women and are authentic jewelry that are perfect as gifts.

A woman wearing a NobleA woman wearing a Noble
work of attaching jewelswork of attaching jewels

by skilled craftsmen

Careful finish.

This is a masterpiece that combines the passionate craftsman's handmade crystals, numbers and alphabets, and carefully selected high-quality diamonds.

Double top that can be combined freely.

By combining it with "Noble", you can create an infinite number of advanced coordinations for adults that go one level above the rest. There is a wide variety of sizes, materials, and combinations of parts, so you can change them to suit your mood that day.

double topdouble top
Comes with a reliable certificate of identificationComes with a reliable certificate of identification

Comes with a reliable certificate of identification

A certificate of authenticity records the origin of a gemstone. The product comes with a NOMBRE-specific identification book. (Depending on the size of the diamond, some products may not be included.)

quality and detail
quality and detailquality and detail
Noble stampNoble stamp

The “NOMBRE” stamp is an official mark.

The number "NOMBRE" on the snowboard is engraved with "NOMBRE". That is proof that only Yukizaki deals with.

Noble stampNoble stamp

Beautiful sides and back, 360 degrees of beauty.

The design was made with attention to detail, with the aim of making it look beautiful and sparkling from any 360-degree angle.

Regarding product quality and ladies size petiteRegarding product quality and ladies size petite

ladies size
PUTIT series

PUTIT is named after the French word PETIT, which means "small". Even for women who feel NOMBRE is a little big, the small PUTIT will create a delicate yet gorgeous neckline.

Various sizes and color variationsVarious sizes and color variations

customer's voicecustomer's voicecustomer's voice
We offer wrapping service.We offer wrapping service.We offer wrapping service.
lastlynecklace and foliage

Authentic jewelry full of adult elegance for you

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