Introduction of November birthstone sale

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Birthstone feature
Birthstone feature
By wearing it, you can protect yourself from disasters
A birthstone that is said to maximize power.

Yukizaki has 12 months of birthstones for each.
This month's birthstone jewelry is on sale at 20% off.
November is Topaz.
It features various colors such as orange, champagne, and blue.
Birthstones that are said to bring good luck can be used as a reward for yourself.
It's a perfect gift for loved ones born in November.

12Birth Stones

Introducing the power of 12 types of birthstones

  • January GARNET Garnet

    Stone Words Truth, Fraternity, Faithfulness, Chastity

    Origin Because it resembles a pomegranate seed, it is derived from the Latin word gratanas, which means "seed." In Noah's Ark in the Bible, Garnet was the only light in the ship that illuminated the path.

    Effect Deepen friendship and love. Goal achievement.

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  • February AMERTHYST Amethyst

    Stone language honesty, peace of mind

    Since the purple dye was precious, it has long been used as a noble stone for ceremonies and amulets. It is also called the "stone of love" because the ancient Roman bishop, St. Valentine, wore an amethyst ring to help connect the love of a lover who was forbidden to marry.

    Effect As a guardian stone of love, it has the power of fulfilling love.

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  • March AQUAMARINE Aquamarine

    Stone says intelligent, brave, deposits

    Origin It has a calm sea color and was useful as a talisman for sailors when sailing in the unstable spring sea in March. In addition, because of its transparent transparency, secret stories about the sea such as "Mermaid's tears" and "Treasure of the sea spirit" are left behind.

    Improve the power of effect expression. Protect yourself from disaster.

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  • April DIAMOND diamond

    Stone language cleanliness, unchanging love

    Origin The Greek word "adamaze in Adamas", which means "overwhelming strength," is said to be the etymology. Since it is the hardest mineral in nature, it is also a standard wedding ring with the wishes of "making a hard bond" and "eternal bond".

    Effect Confidence deepens. It becomes a positive thought.

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    Stone words Good luck, happiness

    Origin It has been distributed as a valuable stone since 4000 BC, and its bright green like fresh green is said to bring fertility, regeneration and immortality, and has been worshiped as a sacred stone. It is also famous as a stone that Cleopatra loved throughout his life.

    Effective Heals people. Gives wisdom.

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  • June PEARL Pearl

    Stone language Health, wealth, longevity

    Origin It is said to be "the drop of the moon" and "the tears of a mermaid", and it has fascinated people with its elegance. It is powdered and used as a Chinese medicine, and it is also used as a talisman for safe delivery because it is grown in shellfish to make pearls.

    Effect Calms the feelings. Increase feminine appeal.

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  • July RUBY Ruby

    Stone language Hitoshi love, dignity, passion

    Origin The Latin word "ruber rubel", which means red, is the etymology. There is a range of colors from magenta to vermilion, and the dark red transparent ruby called Pigeon Blood is considered to be the most luxurious. In addition, it is said to be the birthstone for July in each country as a symbol color of the sun.

    Effect Gives confidence and courage. Be suspicious.

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  • August PERIDOT Peridot

    Good luck and harmony of the stone language couple

    It is the oldest gemstone of origin and is called "Sunstone", and it gives us the power to move forward even in difficult situations. Also, in Hawaii's "Polynesian myth", the tears spilled by the goddess Pele are said to have been peridot, and are also called "Hawaiian diamonds."

    Effect Overcome fear. Keep a couple.

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  • September SAPPHIRE Sapphire

    Stone language charity, sincerity, virtue

    Origin Sapphire is also known to have given Princess Catherine the ring of the late Princess Diana's sapphire when Prince William of England proposed. In Europe, as a sign of a priest, it was believed that touching a person wearing sapphire would cure the illness and heal the suffering. Pink sapphire is also popular with women.

    Increase the effectiveness game luck.

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  • October TOURMALINE Tourmaline

    Stone words Delight, comfort, patience in the heart

    From clear, black, pink, that there are various kinds of color such as yellow is a feature of tourmaline. It has been used in ceremonies and treatments of illnesses due to its electrical properties. It has the effect of generating negative ions, purifying water and air, relieving stress and relieving irritation.

    Effect Relax. Leads a peaceful sleep.

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  • November TOPAZ Topaz

    Stone language hope, friendship, innocence

    Origin Derived from the Greek word "topazos (start searching)". The name comes from the fact that even on a foggy island when mining topaz, stones shine and can be found at night. There are lemon yellow to pink and blue.

    Effect Communication goes well.

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  • December TANZANITE Tanzanite

    Noble stone language , calm

    Origin The bluish purple color reminiscent of the dusk sky in Tanzania is impressive. The output is declining, and it is said that the rarity will increase in the future. It is said to be a "stone of determination" and brings calmness and calmness.

    It leads to a better direction than the effect. Make the right choice.

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