We present Rakuten point gift card by review contribution!
It is a Rakuten super point grant card that can be used with Rakuten.
It is a great point gift card that can be used not only in Rakuten but also in real stores where R points can be used.
Click here for details on Rakuten Point Gift Card Click here for details on Rakuten Point Gift Card
Review submission procedureReview submission procedure

Terms of use

・ This campaign is limited to customers who purchase products over 20,000 yen. If you purchase below 20,000 yen, we will give you microfiber which is convenient for care of watches and jewelry.
・ This campaign benefit is limited to purchases on the Yukizaki Official Site (https://gc-yukizaki.jp/).
・ This campaign is limited to this site. Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Auctions, and purchases at stores are not eligible for this campaign. Please understand beforehand.
・ This campaign can be used any number of times.
(* In addition to the number of products, there is one review per accounting, and once per product.)
・ We have time to reflect your post. Posts may not be posted depending on the content. Whether or not to display the review and the display period can be determined at our discretion.
・ If the conditions are met even if the post is not posted, a campaign gift will be sent.

Prohibited matter

Posting reviews (hereafter, this service) is a place to disclose user impressions of products purchased at our shop. Therefore, posting content that is not appropriate for this service is prohibited.
Prohibited items apply to all submission forms (nickname, review title, review content, etc.).
We have no obligation to delete the information you have written.
Please note that the following content, which we deem inappropriate, may not be posted or deleted without notice.
・ Content that is unrelated to the product, such as questions, inquiries, and our services.-Content that has no usability, such as price impressions only.-Content that includes personal information. Contents that violate or may violate the contents • Contents that hinder the operation of this site and this service, contents that slander • Contents that contain harmful programs or computer viruses • Copyright or other intellectual property of our company or a third party Posts that infringe or may infringe on property rights • Content that slanders or defames our company or third parties • Posts that include content that leads to other sites or companies • Includes descriptions of other companies・ The same review content is submitted to multiple products ・ Other content that we deem inappropriate


This service is based on the user's own responsibility. You are solely responsible for the product reviews you submit. Please note that we cannot take any responsibility on behalf of the user. In addition, we do not guarantee the accuracy, promptness, legality, completeness, usefulness, etc. of the written contents. Use at your own discretion. In addition, we do not participate in any damages caused by the written contents or linked external websites (including damages caused by computer virus infection), troubles between users, etc. We do not compensate. We do not guarantee that the operation of this service will not be disrupted. System interruption, delay, suspension, data loss due to communication line or computer failure, product review posting failure, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, or any other reason that we can not participate in this service Company shall not be liable for any damages (including lost profits) caused to persons.

Amendment of these Terms

Our company may change the notice without the user's consent, and the effect will be effective from the time of displaying it on the homepage (the user before the change will also be applied the notice after the change Shall). Matters not specified in these Terms shall be governed by our “Gem Castle Terms of Use”.