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    HISTORY Patek Philippe Chronology
    1839 "Patek, Czapek" was established by two people, "Antoine Norbert de Patek" and "François Czapek".
    1845 Obtained a technical patent for a crown winding and time adjustment type watch.
    1851 Exhibited at the London World's Fair.
    1889 Obtained a technical patent for a perpetual calendar mechanism for pocket watches.
    1925 Produced Patek Philippe's first wristwatch with a perpetual calendar.
    1932 Introduced the Patek Philippe 96 model.
    1953 Obtained a technical patent for the self-winding mechanism of caliber 12-600AT.
    1959 Obtained a technical patent for the time zone display mechanism.
    1976 Introduced the first 3700/1 model (steel) of the Nautilus collection.
    1997 Announced the Aquanaut collection.
    2001 Introducing Patek Philippe's most complex watch, the Skymoon Tourbillon 5002 model with a double-sided dial.
    2009 "Thierry Stern" becomes president.
    2015 Introduced the Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 5524G model.
    2016 Introducing the 6300G model, which integrates the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime into the current collection.
    2017 Announced Aquanote Travel Time 5650G.
    2017 Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition held in New York.
    2018 Announced the World Time Minute Repeater 5531R model.
    TRIVIA Patek Philippe Tips
    Patek Philippe Seal It is one of the strictest quality standards in the watch industry, with its own strict certification standards established in 2009. It applies to all mechanical watches manufactured and covers everything from design to customer service.
    Manufacture Some manufacturers throw out aftercare for watches as unrepairable due to the absence of technicians, but all models made by Patek Philippe can be permanently repaired. This is also the reason why Patek Philippe is called the highest peak in the watch world.
    Nautilus One of Patek Philippe's representative models, made with the motif of the submarine "Nautilus". Like the motif, it also has a waterproof function, and unlike other watches, it has a two-piece structure with a bezel and a case to achieve thinness and high waterproofness. One of the gems that has both functionality and comfort.
    Rising clock It means "a watch that I have no plans to replace as a lifelong companion". It continues to be a standard brand as a watch that will surely be talked about. The major factors are the fact that it is possible to permanently repair by doing all of the manufacturing in-house, and the world's highest level of technical and design capabilities.
    Many limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtainMany limited items and rare models that are difficult to obtain
    Official mail order limited used watch return service started
    Official mail order limited used watch return service started
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