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[World's royal purveyor brand Cartier] Founded in France in 1847. In 1904, the King of Jewelers was named by Edward VII, and in 1904 he created the Santos Watch for the astronaut Santos Dumont, and gained a reputation as a watch brand in earnest. A barrel-shaped `` Tonneau '' watch in 1906, a `` torch '' watch meaning turtle in 1912, a `` tank '' watch with a tank-shaped motif in 1919, and a series of masterpiece watches remaining in watch history And created.



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HISTORY Cartier chronology
1847 Louis-Francois Cartier establishes Maison Cartier, inheriting the atelier of his master Adolf Picard, located at 29 Montorgueil Street in Paris.
1856 Princess Matilde, the sister of Napoleon III, purchased Cartier's jewelery for the first time and received the love of the upper class, establishing her path as a prestigious jewelery store.
1898 Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder, joins the management.
1899 At the initiative of Louis Cartier, the boutique was relocated to 13 Rue de la Paix in Paris, and at the same time a new style was announced. This innovative style, which combines neoclassical ideas with the pioneering platinum, was later called the Garland style.
1902 Pierre Cartier, one of Louis Cartier's two younger brothers, opens a branch at 4 New Burlington Street in London.
1904 Cartier became the first official purveyor to the royal family by Edward VII. Louis Carti designs a leather strap watch for European aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont. It was named Santos Dumont.
1909 Pierre Cartier crosses the Atlantic Ocean and establishes a branch on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York. In the same year, Jacques Cartier, the youngest of the three brothers, took over the management of Cartier London and moved to New Bond Street.
1912 Produced the first mystery clock named Model A.
1917 A wristwatch tank watch that omits curves and consists of simple straight lines is born.
1925 Cartier exhibited at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts and Industrial Arts (commonly known as the Art Deco Exhibition) held in Paris. The name of Art Deco, the style that was at its peak at the time, was given from this event.
1931 Pasha (Taishou) of Marrakech (Moroccan city) asks Louis Cartier for "a watch that can be worn even while swimming in the pool at home". The tank ethane of the square waterproof watch has been developed. The origin of the name of Cartier's waterproof watch "Pasha", which was born later.
1933 Jeanne Toussaint, who became a member of the Maison around 1920, succeeded Louis Cartier and became the creative director. Revolutionizing contemporary jewelery, it fulfilled its role until 1970. Various jewelry and watches "Pantère de Cartier" were made with her nickname "Pantère (leopard)" as a motif.
1942 Production of a bird brooch in a cage that symbolizes the French occupation. The liberated bird brooch celebrates the liberation of the land in 1944.
1973 The global must-have Cartier is born.
1977 Must de Cartier's first watch collection unveiled.
1978 The birth of the Santos de Cartier watch, which combines gold and steel for the first time on a bracelet.
1983 The "Cartier Collection" was created to record the development of the iconic Cartier style. Its activities and creativity have been recognized in the cultural and artistic world, and its collections are regularly exhibited at leading cultural institutions as large-scale exhibitions.
1984 Founded by the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art as France's first cultural institution specializing in contemporary art. The foundation, founded in Jouy-en-Josas, moved to a building by architect Jean Nouvel on La Spille Boulevard in Paris in 1994.
1989 Held the first large retrospective exhibition "L'Art de Cartier" to introduce the collections of the Cartier collection at the Petit Palais Museum in Paris.
1997 As part of the Maison's 150th anniversary, Cartier's large retrospective exhibition was held at the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
2001 Established Watch Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
2003 Adopted Kimberley Process, which aims to eradicate diamond trade originating in conflict areas.
Year 2005 Participated in the establishment of the jewelry council "Responsible Jewelery Council".
2006 Established the "Cultivate Initiative Woman Award" to shed light on women by supporting female entrepreneurs who have an impact on society and to provide the financial, social and human support necessary for business development and promotion of leadership skills. ..
2007 Held a retrospective exhibition "Cartier Innovation through the 20th century" at the Kremlin Museum in Moscow. It surprised the eyes of Russian visitors.
2010 Founded Griptic (jewel carving) atelier. Cartier is the only jewelery maison in Paris, led by the Living National Treasure of France, in an atelier specializing in jewelery sculpture.
year 2012 The Cartier Charitable Foundation was founded and later renamed Cartier Philanthropy. It works to improve the lives of those who are excluded from society and left behind, especially women and children living in the late developing regions of the world, by removing barriers that impede people's actions and goals.
2015 Founded Maison De Metierdal with the goal of protecting, innovating and sharing the Savoie-Ferre, which is unmatched by La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.
2019 Held a retrospective exhibition "Beyond Boundaries: Cartier and The Palace Museum Craftsmanship and Restoration" at the National Palace Museum in Beijing. In the same year, a special exhibition "Cartier, Crystal of Time" was held at the National Art Center, Tokyo. "From the antique pieces in the Cartier collection to the modern creations.
TRIVIA Cartier bean knowledge
Great prosperity The workshop prospered brilliantly with the love of aristocrats and royalty. From the prosperity of the time, Edward VII left the word "King of Jewelers", and the international Cartier fascinated the world and established a worldwide fame. It ended in 1904 with the great success of its founder, Louis-Francois Cartier.
World's first men's watch 1904 Cartier prototyped at the request of Brazilian aviator "Alberto Santos-Dumont". The request is that the time can be easily known even during flight. Cartier responded to that request with "Santos".
New trend "Art Deco" "Art Nouveau style" that was popular in the early 1900s. The tank, introduced in 1914, was modern, unlike the previous Art Nouveau. Eventually it changed to Art Nouveau and became a trend, and Louis Cartier became a pioneer of Art Deco.
Pantail The panther (leopard) is the motif of Jeanne Toussaint and has become a symbol of Cartier because of its nobility. The elegance and inaccessible pantail motif expresses the strength and individuality of the wearer. Since its introduction in 1914, the pantail motif has been used in various jewelery to this day.
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