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    Contributor 50 generations/male  Post date and time 2022/01/16

    Finally buy Daytona! Very satisfied with the store's response
    To celebrate his son's inauguration, he bought the Daytona white board he wanted from his throat from Mr. Yukizaki. I was most worried about mail-order sales, but the clerk (Mr. Sato) responded very well by phone, and I was able to purchase without any worries.

    According to my son, the packaging is very sturdy, and of course I am very satisfied with the product, and I am happy. I think there was no mistake in choosing Yukizaki from among the many shops. I have high expectations for after-sales follow-up.

    Thank you for your prompt and courteous response. I would like to take the next opportunity to your company.

    Contributor 30 generations/Woman  Post date and time 2022/01/09

    This time is also very nice.
    We purchased for Christmas. It's nice to wear on bare skin or on a knit. Not only the quality of the necklace, but also the gift wrapping was carefully done, and it arrived in a very beautiful condition. The interaction with the store was smooth, and I was able to enjoy shopping. Glittering diamonds will make you feel better just by wearing them. I think you will be indebted to me again. Thank you very much.

    Contributor 20 generations/Woman  Post date and time 2021/12/23

    Necklace charm
    I used it for Christmas gifts!
    The product arrived as desired and was cutely wrapped!
    Even though I was in a hurry, it arrived exactly as I wanted and it was very helpful!
    The product is in perfect condition and I am satisfied with it!
    I will definitely use it again.

    Contributor 50 generations/male  Post date and time 2021/12/22

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.
    Although it was an over-the-counter exhibit, it was completely new and the seal on the back cover and the protective tape for the breath remained as they were.
    I found this product when I was looking for a self-winding type because I was attracted to the Atlas ceramic, which was discontinued a while ago, the unique dial and the white case frame.
    I made inquiries about breath size etc. twice, but each time I received a very polite answer, I was able to purchase with confidence.
    I really like the item.
    I also felt that the inventory list on the homepage was very easy to see.


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